Alec Feldman: Weird Talents
Turns out the W!ZARD Radio Station listeners are a talented bunch (although, we knew that anyway obvs)
Alec Feldman
Published 10 June 2018
And here, behold, the lady who inspired it all: the world's fastest chip wrapper!

Alec Feldman loves watching the local news for where he lives in Yorkshire, because occasionally, you get gems like this one: a story about the world’s fastest chip wrapper!

[youtube video=HzvBQolsogY]

That wasn’t a talent Alec even knew existed until he saw that – and he wanted to know what weird talents the W!ZARD Radio Station listeners have. And you did not disappoint – we even heard from a World Record holder! Well... sort of.

Find out what their record was by pressing play below.

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[audio audio="" title="Alec Feldman: Weird Talents" descr="Alec Feldman reads about the weird talents of his listeners on W!ZARD Radio Station. (5 minutes)"]

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