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Alec Feldman: The Ultimate DM Response
You’ll want to use this the next time someone slides in!
Alec Feldman
Published 18 March 2019
Lizzo - Juice / Atlantic Records

Ever since social media has come into our lives, so has another connected phenomenon – the unsolicited DM slide.

If you’re a vaguely attractive person online, chances are that at some point you’ve had someone sending you a message out of the blue in the hope of making you fall for them. Nobody’s ever done this to Alec Feldman, of course, but he’s told it’s a thing.

More often than not, these attempts at sliding into the DMs are not very good – ranging from an unspiring “hey wuu2” to a “UR WELL FIT XXX”. And unsurprisingly, they’re never that successful.

So what do you do when someone shows up in your inbox uninvited to put them back in their place? Alec has the answer – and he wants YOU to try it out.

Find out what his killer line is by listening to the clip below, and if you want to try it out for yourself, DM us what happens!

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