Alec Feldman: The Argos Catalogue Game
This is the most boring game ever played on the radio.
Alec Feldman
Published 21 June 2020
The Argos Catalogue Game

The trouble with all the Zooms that have been taking place recently is that nobody actually has that much to say. Nothing’s going on, nobody’s doing anything, so what do you talk about?

For a while, quizzes were the answer. But three months later, people are quite sick of quizzing, and are coming up with increasingly desperate solutions. And that’s how Alec Feldman ended up playing The Argos Catalogue Game on a Zoom recently.

It’s very simple – one player picks out a product from the Argos Catalogue (or website, it is 2020). They have to make the other players guess details about the item.

It’s as terrible and boring as it sounds. So of course Alec had to bring it to the radio and make James Gilmore play along!

You can listen below if you want – but it may just bore you to tears.

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