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Alec Feldman: Selling Harry Styles’ House
Alec turns his hand to being an estate agent.
Alec Feldman
Published 05 May 2019
Harry Styles' House in California

Harry Styles has been trying to sell his mansion in LA for the last two years, without much success. He’s even knocked £2m off the price, but nobody seems to want it!

Luckily, Alec Feldman (as a close personal friend of Harry’s) was on hand to do his mate a favour. So he used his radio show to try out a potential new career in real estate – by taking you on a (radio) tour of Harry Style’s house!

Take off your shoes (we can’t get mud on the white carpets) and come and have a look around Harry Styles’ house! And if you’ve got a spare five million quid lying around, take it off his hands.

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