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Alec Feldman: New Website FAQs
Alec takes the important questions about the new website straight to the top.
Alec Feldman
Published 29 January 2019
Our new website usually doesn't look so slanted / W!zard Radio Limited

You may have noticed, given that you’re currently on the W!ZARD Radio Station website, that it looks a bit different. It’s been given a total overhaul, and now it looks new and shiny and incredibly attractive.

But change is scary. Especially a change as huge as this. To guide everyone through the change, Alec made a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the new website, and put them to the boss – James Gilmore.

So if you’ve been wondering if you can use the new website on your iPod shuffle (spoiler: you can’t) or whether it still works when it rains (it does), have a listen to Alec’s FAQs to see if any of your burning questions were answered.

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