Alec Feldman: Lockdown FAQs
The 30 most important things you need to know.
Alec Feldman
Published 05 April 2020
Alec Feldman: Lockdown FAQs

In the UK, lockdown is about to enter its third week. But some people still aren’t getting it. With forecasts showing that the weather this weekend was going to be really nice, there were concerns that people would break lockdown and go outside.

Thankfully, Alec Feldman stepped in to help people stay inside, save lives, protect the NHS. Got a question about what you can and can’t do in lockdown? Alec has the answer.

He covers everything. And we really mean everything.

From where you’re allowed to go, who you’re allowed to be with, what you’re allowed to buy from the shops and even whether you can sunbathe naked – Alec’s got your back.

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