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Alec Feldman: Let's talk about the digital jobs of the future
Inspired by our favourite new podcast THIS IS HOW, Alec Feldman asks what your dream job would be in the digital space.
Published 10 March 2020
THIS IS HOW / Nominet / Livity

Do you ever wonder how websites get the web address they’re on?

Like, how do we have How does get hold of The web address you have is called a domain name, and those are registered and regulated on a national level. In the UK that’s done by a not-for-profit organisation called Nominet.

Nominet have been working with W!ZARD Radio Media to draw attention to some of the digital jobs in creative industries that you might not be aware exist… because some of them are brand new!

So, what is a digital job?

Digital jobs are more than just jobs that use a computer – they are jobs that get the content you love to scroll through for hours a day onto your timelines, edit the films you love watching and make websites (like this one) look and work the way they do.

Nominet and Livity made a podcast: THIS IS HOW, where they've interviewed some people behind the most exciting digital jobs right now.

On the podcast you can listen to people like Stef, a Data Analyst who works on Love Island for ITV; or Marion who’s an animator in charge of films like Guardians of the Galaxy (and more!).

On his radio show, Alec Feldman asked his listeners what their dream job would be in the digital space… and some of the jobs don’t even exist yet! In the clip below, listen to some of the responses he got.

If you’re interested in what digital jobs exist now, and may exist in the future, check out the THIS IS HOW podcast for interviews from people at ITV, Depop, Buzzfeed, Mixcloud and more.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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