Alec Feldman interviews Storm Gareth
Alec exclusively chats with a storm – but it was a load of hot air.
Alec Feldman
Published 18 March 2019
Storm Gareth doing his worst...

The UK has the best storm names. Fact. We’ve had Brian, Doris, Deirdre, in recent years, and Gareth is the latest to blow us away.

Since Storm Gareth was causing a bit of rain and wind across the country this week, Alec Feldman tried very hard to get an interview – but it wasn’t easy. He had to phone a lot of his contacts, and smooth talk a lot of people, but eventually he secured what he wanted: an exclusive interview.

Gareth was on Alec’s show last Saturday for his only UK radio interview, and Alec asked him all the hard-hitting questions. Did Gareth sweep us off our feet with his answers? Or was it a load of bluster?

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