Alec Feldman: Baby John’s Balloon
Alec reads a story he wrote – when he was five or six.
Alec Feldman
Published 23 January 2020
Baby John's Balloon

Whilst he was looking through some old files on his computer this week, there was one that caught Alec Feldman’s eye – a file, called “baby john’s balloon.doc”.

What was it? A story that he wrote in 2005, when he was six years old. This literary masterpiece was 97 words long, written in size 28 font in lilac, and the protagonist was a baby boy called… John.

Classic baby name, that.

It made Alec laughs so much that he HAD to share it on his show. It has twists and turns, a gripping narrative, and did we mention? The main character is a baby, called John. JOHN.

Hear the story below – anyone know when the Booker Prize nominations are?

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