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W!ZARD Radio - Shows and Presenters
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  • 12.00 PMDJ Philipp Korbler
    1.00 PMThe Request Show
    2.00 PMThe Charts Show (with Heidi Anne)
    3.00 PMDJ Jarno
    4.00 PMDJ James Gilmore
    5.00 PMDJ James Gilmore
    6.00 PMDJ James Gilmore
    7.00 PMThe Best of Lily Lang
    8.00 PMJoey Abels
    9.00 PMJoey Abels
    10.00 PMJonah Wickers
    11.00 PMPreston Nyman's Bed Time
    12.00 PMOff-Air
  • 12.00 PMDJ Philipp Korbler
    1.00 PMBouncing Tunes (with Nick Bounce)
    2.00 PMGeorgia and James
    3.00 PMThe Arts Show (with Joe Thomas)
    4.00 PMThe Arts Show (with Joe Thomas)
    5.00 PMThe Request Show
    6.00 PMTomer Raphael
    7.00 PMDylan Conti
    8.00 PMThe Charts Show (with Heidi Anne)
    9.00 PMShakeTastic LIVE!
    10.00 PMShakeTastic LIVE!
    11.00 PMAl Walser
    12.00 PMOff-Air
  • 12.00 PMKaleya Baxe
    1.00 PMTherapy with Thomas Mills
    2.00 PMThe Charts Show (with Heidi Anne)
    3.00 PMBenji Hyer
    4.00 PMThe Request Show
    5.00 PMJoshua Newington
    6.00 PMRoman Armstrong
    7.00 PMRoman Armstrong
    8.00 PMGrace Potter
    9.00 PMElise & Marianne's Sunday Mixtape
    10.00 PMJonah Wickers
    11.00 PMWill Foreman
    12.00 PMOff-Air
  • DJ Jarno Heidi Anne DJ James Gilmore Marianne & Elise Preston Nyman Grace Potter Tomer Raphael Will Foreman Benji Hyer Roman Armstrong Dylan Conti Kaleya Baxe Thomas Mills DJ Philipp Korbler Jonah Wickers Joey Abels Al Walser V.A.S Joe Thomas Coming Soon Georgia Horsley Lily Lang Joshua Newington Nick Bounce
    DJ Jarno is apart of the new breed of W!ZARD Radio : Station. Specializing in Dubstep, Electronica and Drum and Bass Music – you will often find him on-air every Friday from 3pm – 4pm (UK time) with his popular "Bass Injection" show.

    "I was so excited when I found out about W!ZARD Radio. I regularly do gigs and performances with my own music, but the opportunity to broadcast this to thousands of listeners every weekend was shocking! I made sure that I got the first meting I could with Management and when I got the job I was thrilled!"

    DJ Jarno’s "Bass Injection" is one of those unmissable shows. His aim every week is to get everybody into the weekend spirit through music, and as everybody who listens to his show agrees that he does it very well!
    Heidi Anne is a talented and charismatic singer who has worked with some of the best song-writers and producers, as well as big industry names such as The Bassheads.

    Heidi Anne began singing lessons at the age of 12 and has always had a huge passion for music. Singing with originality, and having sung all styles from opera to swing, Heidi Anne's powerful, soulful voice and big range has been compared to that of Christina Aguilera.

    Heidi Anne is currently working on recordings. Her first single was released by All Around The World/Universal records in the UK, Sony in Germany and many other major labels worldwide. The single featured rap-stars T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Glasses Malone and had a number of famous DJ remixes including Michael Mind and Belgium's number one DJ Dimaro.

    This great success in the music industry and huge personality is exactly why Heidi presents W!ZARD Radio Station's unique 'Charts Show' which is broadcasted on-air every Friday and Sunday from 2pm to 3pm and every Saturday from 8pm to 9pm.

    Make sure you don't miss The Charts Show (with Heidi Anne), every day of the weekened... every weekend!
    DJ James Gilmore is the CEO of W!ZARD Radio Station. He oversees everything that goes on-air and works directly with all of the different staff, products and services here at W!ZARD Radio. James is the guy that has no sleep just to make sure that YOU get maximum quality out of your weekend! You can listen to him every day during The Request Shows as well as his own Friday show! This is what he has to say:

    "My name is James Gilmore and I am the Owner/Founder of W!ZARD Radio! I have been in radio for over 5 years now (with a few years before W!ZARD Radio) and this really is my dream! I also have experience in DJ work and Producing.

    I also work very hard on all of the other aspects of W!ZARD Radio - such as W!ZARD Records, W!ZARD Events, #LOVEmoney, #LOVEschool and W!ZARD Sales! As well as this, I own the Radio Studio and I am constantly, 24/7 on the website and listening to everything! I work very hard – and I hope it all pays off!

    I am also an aspiring Drummer and you can hear some of my latest tracks on my show every now and again! Yes, I have my own show (also known as the Main Show or the Flagship Show). You can hear my show every Friday from 4.00 until 7.00 all year round!

    I also present W!ZARD Radio Station's huge show, Georgia and James, with Georgia Horsley evey Saturday from 2pm to 3pm (UK).

    What is my favourite part of the station? Well probably being able to communicate with all of the WR fans as well as the variety that goes out on-air. I love the buzz of being live on - air and sharing my favourite music (that being of the Top 40 Charts, Dubstep, R&B, Rap, Pop, everything – I even have a little rocker inside of me!)."
    Elise Bell specialises in super, mega, enthusiasm as well as kick-ass music.

    Along-side her sister Marianne she presents the Elise & Marianne's Sunday Mixtape – a mixture of the best music, upbeat indie as well as some of those Top-40 hits. The show is the slot to listen to whether you are getting ready for a gig, chilling at home or having a sleepover with friends – and it’s LIVE every single week!

    So, if you’re the kind of person who loves your Bastille and M83 alongside big names such as Beyoncé and Gaga you will love Elise!

    Marianne Bell co-presents the Sunday show alongside her but she specialises in games, where she can just let loose and have a bit of fun! The Sunday Mixtape includes awesome features and even better music!

    The girls are up for a laugh and the show is a mixture of serious fun and awesome music!

    So, if you are getting ready to partaay, or just chilling at home in your pyjamas (no judgement) their show has something for everyone!

    Make sure you check out Marianne and Elise every Sunday from 9.00pm to 10.00pm (UK time)!
    Hey there! I’m Preston.

    Preston Nyman is one of the youngest professional comedians in the UK, but has already established himself as a promising young talent. As well as regularly performing at London’s Soho Theatre, he has also been lucky enough to perform at London’s Comedy Store on multiple occasions, and also the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the Comedy Club For Kids for three years. Preston has also performed at The Bloomsbury Theatre and The Komedia in Brighton. Preston also provides the voice of Ben Elf on Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom, and Quinn in 3rd & Bird.

    Now, Preston comes to W!ZARD Radio Station!

    Following an extremely successful run with his own show on-air and the popular comedy series, "Preston Nyman's Merry-Go-Round" which lasted roughly 12 months, Preston Nyman can now be heard through the night from 11pm to 12am (UK) with an hour of music and comedy in "Preston Nyman's Bed Time"!

    If you don’t laugh for at least 60 minutes, you get your money back!
    Tomer Raphael brings the sound of the Nu-Breed and Indie Records to W!ZARD Radio Station every Saturday night from 6pm – 7pm! He plays artists such as Michael Kiwanuka, Ben Howard, Cold Specks, Bombay Bicycle Club and James Blake – oh, he also interviews them as well! Already interviewed LIVE on Tomer’s show include artists such as Tiesto, Labrinth and Professor Green!

    Tomer gives YOU the inside scoop into the Indie world like you’ve never experienced it before! He doesn’t read the stories off of second-hand news websites; he gets it first-hand into the Station! As well as Indie, Tomer strives at introducing new or upcoming artists and songs before anyone else!

    Discussion also take place! Tomer will talk about ANYTHING – from Paul Simon’s “Graceland” album, the latest Music Festivals or even the England football squad! Make sure you don’t miss a second of Tomer’s show on W!ZARD Radio every Saturday evening – it's one of those hidden jewels of the weekend!
    Will Foreman is an Electro-House/Drum and Bass artist from the United Kingdom who has been behind tracks including 'Infusion' and '2D Rising' (originally released on W!ZARD Records) in 2012.

    Earlier in 2013, Will dropped making music for what he is best at, mixing music - at the same time, he was released from W!ZARD Records and he left his stage name, 'ViZER'.

    You can catch Will Foreman mixing the biggest and best tracks from the electro world back-to-back every Sunday night from 11pm to 12am (UK time) live and exclusive to W!ZARD Radio Station.
    Benji Hyer has been at W!ZARD Radio Station since May 2013. He is by far the most controversial presenter that the Station has ever had and his weekly talk show revolves around current affairs and politics. The show features various discussions on several controversial political topics, such as major international events or decisions… all of which affect YOU!

    As well as that, Benji sometimes broadcasts from events or gets his listeners an inside scoop into what is happening at these events! So, this slot is definitely not one to be missed!

    The show runs from 3pm-4pm on a Sunday but cannot be made without the listeners – it is always greats to receive call-ins, especially to make the discussions more heated and controversial, so feel free to phone or text in to get involved. As it is said, “this show is about you, me and our opinions”.
    Do you suffer from boredom, lack of fun or loneliness? Then you have two options. Either go get a social life or even better, LISTEN TO ROMAN ARMSTRONG EVERY SUNDAY FROM 6-8 FOR TWO WHOLE HOURS OF INTERNET RADIO GOLD! During his show you get the latest and greatest tracks, a host with no words that can describe how cool he is and the opportunity to win VARIOUS ALBUMS OF YOUR CHOICE! Basically, his show will bring a smile on your face!

    Roman Armstrong is an experienced Magician and entertainer who never fails at making somebody laugh! Nobody is sure if it's his genius wit, jolly attitude or his ugly face that cracks everybody up! He lives in Cambridge and has been working for W!ZARD Radio since January 2012. Here is one review of Romans show:

    "I'm so proud of you RoRo! 5/5 stars!" - Roman's mother.

    And remember ladies, he is still single (but not for long)!
    It seems listen to the radio these days leaves us with a choice between just music or just information so here at W!ZARD Radio Station we thought it was time to give you a breakdown of what's happening in the would without sending you to sleep!

    Dylan Conti grew up in Suffolk and is a music fanatic. He has travelled the country and now lives in London, pursuing his love for journalism, travelling and films - particularly psychological thrillers.

    Join Dylan every Saturday evening from 7pm to 8pm (UK time) and dance your way through Saturday afternoons with a topical perspective of the news with brand new music including world premieres!
    Coming Soon...
    Join Thomas Mace-Archer DeLacroix Mills every Sunday from 1.00pm to 2.00pm (UK time) for 'The MAD Show' which is an hour of fun, comedy and discussion where he talks to YOU about the topics that matter to YOU – and you can get involved!

    As well as that, there is a great selection of music and features each week to truly bring the show alive.

    Occasionally, Thomas will be joined by celebrity singers, actors, instrumentalists, West End stars, politicians, service-men and so many more in the first radio show that is designed for teens and interacts with teens.

    Think of it as Blue Peter, but on the radio!

    But, who is Thomas?

    Thomas J. Mace Archer Delacroix Mills is the Chairman of the British Monarchist Society - an organisation dedicated to defending, protecting and promoting the integrity of the British Crown. He has contributed to such publications as Majesty and Royalty Magazines, Political Pundits UK, The Conservative Blog and Professor David Flints' "An Opinion Column from the National Convenor"- Australia. Having had many works and essays published throughout the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, he no doubt has a superb talent for expressing himself through words.

    You can also view the show LIVE by looking at our Studio Webcams on the “Listen LIVE” page – please note, the webcams only display pictures from the shows that are updated every 30 seconds.

    You can also download a repeat of 'The MAD Show with Thomas Mills' 24 hours after the show has been on-air via W!ZARD Repeats. More details are available here: www.wizardradio.co.uk .
    Grace Potter is apart of W!ZARD Radio Station's Sunday night line-up, making sure that your Sunday night is absolutely amazing... even if you're just home alone!

    Every Sunday, Grace presents LIVE coverage of the Twitter, Saturday night TV and the News! Yes... as it happens! So, when a new trend comes around - you are the first to know about it, or, if somebody leaves The X Factor - it's coming your way!

    As well as that, she plays a great selection of music and tunes to keep your Sunday night upbeat before returing to school!

    Make sure you do not miss Grace Potter, every Sunday night from 8.00pm to 9.00pm (UK time)!
    DJ Philipp Korbler is best known as being W!ZARD Radio : Station’s first presenter all the way from… HUNGARY! And trust us, he’ll be opening up your appetite for music! By the end of his shows you’ll be accustomed to a variety of Dubstep, House, Pop, Rap, R&B and so much more… This is what he had to say:

    “I’m really excited to work for W!ZARD Radio Station and I fully support everything that they do. My show is all about the music – but a little bit more than just playing the tunes! I’ll be talking to you about the songs and giving you some history on them as well! My show will also include the latest news about artists from around the world! There’s also loads of opportunities for you to get involved and win points during my slots as well – so keep your eyes wide open! I look forwards to speaking to you on the show!”

    You can hear our own Hungarian presenter LIVE every Friday from 12.00pm – 1.00pm on his dedicated music slot or every Saturday from 12.00pm – 1.00pm (UK) when he’ll have prepared for you loads of game shows, music history and a whole lot more!
    Joey Abels is your very own Rock presenter! Make sure that you don’t miss him LIVE every Friday from 8.00pm – 10.00pm as he brings you 2 hours of Rock, Metal and hardcore jams along with some of the biggest names in the industry!

    What’s even better than the music, though, is Joey’s very own experience, passion and knowledge of the industry – which is sure to make the music come ALIVE right through your speakers…

    Joey Abels plays the guitar and used to be in a rock band. So, he knows what works and... what doesn't! He’s also a HUGE rock fan and has been for many years! Joey ensures that by the end of his show, each week... you will love rock as much as he does!

    All of that including rock-themed game shows, the latest in the rock news, rock quizzes and so much more means that this is one slot that NO ROCK FAN CAN MISS!

    Make sure you catch Joey Abels and his hard-rocking show every Friday LIVE on W!ZARD Radio : Station from 8.00pm – 10.00pm GMT/BST!
    Jonah Wickers is a young, teenage, singer-songwriter from North London. It has been predicted by many that he will be the music industry's next big thing and his tunes... well, they tell it all!

    Jonah will be playing some of his original tracks as well as the songs that inspire him and he enjoy's every Friday and Sunday night from 10.00pm to 11.00pm (UK time)... with a brnad new show every time!

    Expect all types of music to help your evening progress into the night! This is not a slot or a presenter you want to be missing!

    Click here to listen to some of Jonah's original music on SoundCloud!
    Al Walser’s Weekly Top 20 is currently the World’s Number 1 Radio Dance Countdown Show and it’s LIVE on W!ZARD Radio Station every Saturday from 7.00pm to 8.00pm!

    The 1 hour weekly show is a DJ mix of Dance and Hour music blended into the official Billboard Club Charts – as well as guest interviews from the likes of David Guetta and various other house names from the scene!

    Al Walser, himself, is a Grammy Voting and Nominating Member as well as a 2013 Grammy Award Nominee! On top of that, he is an international entertainment mogul, CEO of US Record Label “Cut The Bull Entertainment” and owner of publishing house “Amiville”.

    As well as that, he has starred in numerous TV shows worldwide and currently has his own reality show for “The German Network” which showcases his daily struggles of balancing his private life with his entertainment life – which includes working with the likes of Michael Jackson, Jay Leno, Barack Obama, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and many, many more!

    So, join in with the party… you never know who you may meet along the way! Every Saturday from 11.00pm to 12.00am (UK time) on W!ZARD Radio Station!
    V.A.S. is a multitalented independent artist skilled in the areas of producing, singing, rapping, dancing, and even acting! From a young age his strong passion for music led him to learning a variety of instruments and writing rhymes in his spare time.

    “Piano was my first instrument, I started at a young age as my parents encouraged me to play an instrument. I found passion in music and from then on I learnt to play more instruments such as the guitar and clarinet. Along with learning how to play musical instruments, I learnt how to compose. Music is now second nature to me, instinctive and fresh”

    Although an unsigned artist, he has had an astounding amount of support and has had great success at various shows and performances around the United Kingdom. His music reaching all contents of the world have got people making their own videos and dances to his music.

    Highly successful in high schools V.A.S. gained more support from young fans by performing at community events and joining in with their projects. Not only capturing a high amount of teenagers but also older fans allowing him to fit into both markets performing in clubs. Being an all round entertainer he went on to being a ‘Freelance Presenter’ distributed across Virgin Media, The Guardian, The Independent, IPC and leading fashion blogs.

    Being backed up with support from Shaketastic the support only grows with time and never slows down.

    You can hear V.A.S play out some exclusive tunes and his favourites every Saturday night from 10.00pm to 12.00am (UK time)!
    Joe Thomas is a huge magic and theatre buff, which makes him the perfect presenter for W!ZARD Radio Station's weekly show, "The Arts Show" which deidcates one hour to the Conjuring Arts and the next to the Performing Arts.

    Brought up in Lancashire, Joe Thomas joined the Magic Circle youth initiative at a young age after gaining interest in magic which he discovered whilst developing his interested in Theatre. Joe has performed many times on stage at the Magic Circle and the initative spurred him on to develop his well loved close up and stage skills! Now, Joe is a regular performer at a variety of events (such as Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings and Party's) including in the London Film Festival tent at the 2013 West End Live festival in Trafalgar Square.

    However, Joe's passion for magic has also given him the upper hand at understanding the complex world of drama!

    Joe is a huge theatre fan and always has his finger on the pulse when it comes to a production - whether it be on Broadway, in the West End or a smaller, local production. After studying drama, Joe is now a member of London's "Youth Music Theatre" (which has made stars of artists including Ed Sheeran) where he has had the opportunity to work with a variety of working pros in the theatre world - including WhatsOnStageAwards nominee, Craig Adams.

    As well as performing on the stage, Joe Thomas manages a street theatre company called "NotOnly4Boys" which has had many successful performances at a variety of festivals and events. The company is currently planning a Summer 2014 UK tour.

    Make sure you don't miss Joe Thomas, on-air every Saturday from 3pm to 5pm on The Arts Show!
    Coming Soon...
    Georgia Horsley is the Co-Presenter of W!ZARD Radio Station's huge radio show, Georgia and James - which she Co-Presents with James Gilmore.

    However, if you don't know Georgia from that show, you may know her as Miss England 2007 and the fiancé to Danny Jones from McFly!

    Georgia hails from North Yorkshire and, apart from Presenting with James, she is a model. At the age of 4, Georgia discovered that she was deaf in one of her ear and this hearing impairment reamins today - however, thanks to advanced hearing technology she can now hear fully out of both ears using a hearing aid.

    Georgia first made her appearence on-air in December 2013 after being interviewed by James Gilmore about her life so far in order to promote her new hearing aid. The chemistry between the two during that interview was so clear that discussions started about Georgia joining W!ZARD Radio Media in a greater capacity. At the beginning of January 2014 she was confirmed.

    During Georgia and James, Georgia Horsley and James Gilmore (and sometimes some celebrities as well) jump on Georgia and Danny's sofa to discuss the latest Showbiz news, play some games, listen to some music and chat to the listeners!

    Make sure you do not miss this crazy hour of radio, every Saturday from 2pm to 3pm (UK) exclusively to W!ZARD Radio Station.
    Hey there, it's nice to meet you!

    My name is Lily and I've just graduated from University where I studied media. I am all about the party life so I will be guiding you through Friday evenings - getting you pumped for an awesome Friday night, whether you're going to go out, have a party in the bedroom or just browse Facebook!

    After studying radio as part of my course I decided it was my favourite thing in the world so I am very excited to be presenting a show here on W!ZARD Radio Station. Expect to hear some soft rock, old-school pop and just about anything I'm in the mood for!

    I hope you enjoy it and tune in to my show every Friday from 7pm to 8pm (UK time)!
    If radio were a language it would be Joshua’s first. He takes to it like a fish does to water. From an early age he found great ease in talking publicly; relishing every opportunity to overtly voice his opinion and thoughts. But if there’s one thing Joshua loves more than discussion and dialogue, its science.

    His love affair with learning about the natural world defines his waking, his rest, and everything in between. His duty and his mission whilst on air is to deliver the magical, and inspiring nature of scientific curiosity to his listeners, whilst making sure it’s excitement and its glory are maintained, not forgotten along the way.

    Following a successful run of shows in 'The Science Hour' alongside Gilad Gur Harosh, Joshua now presents a talk show on-air discussing exclusively science and technology.

    The show sees Joshua asking the listeners for their opinion on three different topics from the world of science and technology - as well as an opportunity for listeners to win points/entries to the weekends competition.

    Science and Tech are both dishes best served aurally, and you can get your weekly dosage right here on W!ZARD Radio Station on Sundays from 5pm until 6pm (UK time).
    In the town of Nagykanizsa, Hungary a young new talent is emerging in the EDM world.

    At the age of 12, Nick Bounce, known as Bence Dóra, got his first start in music when he began doing cuts for school shows. A couple years later he got his first DAW software and began to produce House. His influences by from artist like Avicii, the members of Swedish House Mafia, and got many inspriations from clubs. Nick is rapidly growing and is becoming one of EDM music’s premiere producers.

    His first release was under the name "benceee" in February of 2012. The track called "Phaedra" reached 76th position on DJTunes.de. He did remixes within labels and he got nice positions on DJTunes. His remix of Rod Saviano's "Fuerza" reached the 24th position on the Progressive House Chart.

    In May of 2012, he decided to change his stagename. The style is remained, but enriched with a lot of new sound.

    Now, Nick Bounce can be heard exclusively on W!ZARD Radio Station on Saturdays from 1pm to 2pm (UK) with his Bouncing Tunes Radio Show! Don't miss this huge talent taking over the airwaves!