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  • Alec Feldman

    Alec Feldman hosts his new Saturday afternoon radio show. This week he talks about getting fied from his first job, jersey cows and he talks about his hatred of school proms. There's also Urban Countdown, Procrastination Diaries and music from P!nk, Sigrid, Dua Lipa and more.

    Length 120:00

    Broadcast 23/09/2017

    Next Show 30/09/2017

  • Roman Armstrong

    Roman Armstrong hosts the final episode of his long running Sunday evening entertainment show! After nearly 6 years, he ends his radio show by talking about a crazy hat festival and someone who found a python in his toilet. He's also got Roman Armstrong's Dictionary (what does Eromon mean?) and an Armstrong's Archive about selling dodgy bikes! Plus there's fun, games and music... for the last time ever.

    Length 120:00

    Broadcast 24/09/2017

    Next Show 01/10/2017

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