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Wizard Radio - Interview and Performances from Alice Kiernan


Interview and Performances from Alice Kiernan

Kaleya Baxe interviews (and is treated to two performances from) Alice Kiernan who supported Matt Cardle in Ireland

Interview and Performances from Alice Kiernan

Alice Kiernan performs on YouTube

Kaleya Baxe

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When it comes to being an upcoming performer it's never been easier to get your name out there. But, in the world of YouTube, it's never been more competitive to catch people's attention. Alice Kiernan is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from County Meath, Ireland with a dream to make it big in the music world - and she's been using YouTube as a platform to get her name out there. Kaleya Baxe interviewed her on April 25th to find out more about her.

Below is a typed up version of the interview - you can listen to the interview by clicking the "Play" button above, where you can also hear two exclusive performances.

Kaleya Baxe: Alice Kiernan, welcome to my show!

Alice Kiernan: Hello, how are you?

Kaleya Baxe: Yes, I’m good thanks. I’m so excited to have you here. Thank you so much for coming on and agreeing to this interview.

Alice Kiernan: Thank you so much for having me.

Kaleya Baxe: How long have you been writing music or performing for?

Alice Kiernan: I’m 19 now and I’ve been doing it since I was around 15/16. There were a few stages where I had to concentrate on school and stuff like that so I had to take a break but right now I’m just really trying to put everything I can into it.

Kaleya Baxe: Is music your main focus now? Is there anything else you’re doing at the moment?

Alice Kiernan: I’m in first year of college at the moment. I’m studying Media which enables me to study radio and television and that does help out a lot. It helps me to interact with people a bit more as well. It’s all a learning experience.

Kaleya Baxe: When exactly was the moment when you realised that you wanted to be a performer?

Alice Kiernan: I don’t really know. I used to get very nervous performing on stage but, all of a sudden, that faded the more that I did it and I started to enjoy it more and more. Now I get more of a buzz from it more than anything. When there’s a lot of promotion around a show or the lead up to a show it’s always incredible exciting. As cringey as that sounds…

Kaleya Baxe: No, it doesn’t sound cringey at all. It must be amazing! Most artists have idols that they draw influences and inspiration from – who are yours?

Alice Kiernan: I have a lot and it comes and goes. Because I play guitar, I look up to Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift a lot but there are a lot of Irish artists like Orla Gartland and BriBry and they’re really good because they started off really small but they just keep working at it and getting bigger and bigger. I love people who are still independent artists but manage to make it quite big.

Kaleya Baxe: You use YouTube as a platform to share your music. I was wondering, what is the support like?

Alice Kiernan: I use it more to show people what I can do rather than to get Hits or Views. So, that’s just a side-effect to what happens. I forget that people can see the videos so every now and again someone will tell me that they’ve seen them and I’ll remember!

Kaleya Baxe: Has that lead to any opportunities directly?

Alice Kiernan: There’s been a few times when someone has Tweeted a video and then a few radio stations have seen that and have asked me to come in which is really crazy, you forget how small the world is.

Kaleya Baxe: Technology today is absolutely incredible! What have been the struggles of being a musician mainly based on YouTube?

Alice Kiernan: I never really look for views, but it would be good if I had more views on the videos. It’s so competitive; everybody’s trying to do it. When you put up a cover there’s already 50,000 others of that cover anyway so it’s just about trying to find something different really. I’m an acoustic artist so I’ll find a really upbeat song, or maybe even something with dubstep, and try to break it down. Or, maybe I’ll take a slow song and try to make it faster. That’s what people look for – a cover that’s made the song different.

Kaleya Baxe: That’s what I like as well, I find it exciting. You have supported some incredibly talented and prominent artists like Paddy Casey and Matt Cardle. What was it like?

Alice Kiernan: It’s weird because I always think that I’m going to get incredible star struck but it’s more like I can’t believe that I’m in that situation – so I end up not being able to stop talking than not talking at all. I don’t know which is worse! The people who have allowed me to support them have been so lovely and I’m always really grateful that they give me that opportunity because a lot of it is just me emailing people and just chancing my arm to be honest. When people say Yes, I can’t thank them enough for it. When they’re willing to allow you to support them, it’s such a big thing for me.

Kaleya Baxe: Do you have any projects you’re working on at the moment?

Alice Kiernan: I’m mainly just gigging as much as I can and trying to promote myself. I’m writing as well so hopefully I’ll be able to put some songs together and release them to the world.

Kaleya Baxe: What do you see for yourself in the future? Where would you like to go with your music?

Alice Kiernan: That’s quite a big question because when I first started playing guitar or singing I never expected to get to this point so I don’t know where it’s going to go, if anywhere. But I would like to release some music, get it somewhere in the charts and travel with my guitar and with my music. That’s the goal.

Kaleya Baxe: Thank you so much for coming on the show today.

Alice Kiernan: Thanks for having me.

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