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Wizard Radio - Hostages on BBC 4 - Episode 7/10


Hostages on BBC 4 - Episode 7/10

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Hostages on BBC 4 - Episode 7/10

Jo Davidson takes a look at the latest episode of Hostages.

Jo Davidson

W!ZARD News Author

The opening scene in this episode jumps straight in with what I have now come to know as this programmes signature and enticing appeal - tension in abundance. Last episode we saw the cunning Doctor Yael sneak into her oppressor Adam Rubin's home, rifle through some of his personal documents and then to her absolute dismay hear a little girl enter in with who we assume to be her granddad. The cliffhanger re opens with Yael stuck in Adam's office at a loss as to what her next move is. To make matters far worse- Adam himself then enters the property. The feeling of anxiety Yael must be feeling is, as always, perfectly portrayed by actress Ayelet Zurer and puts us on the edge of our seat practically shouting at the TV "Get out of there!". If she is discovered by Adam, the consequences for herself and her family would surely be dire. Miraculously, the distraction the little girl (clearly Adam's child) provides gives Yael a window of opportunity to creep out the back of the house and get away.

Yael's husband- Eyal, is in a stable but fragile way and so-of course heavily monitored by Rubin who waits in the car- Yael makes a trip to her workplace to pick up medicine. Whilst there she is cornered by a member of the Ill prime minister’s entourage who discretely tells Yael of his suspicions of a plot to harm the Prime Minister. Commendably, Yael's lips are sealed however as we know all too well what the outcome would be if Yael spills the beans with her children unprotected at home. After this unexpected chat, she is now in possession of this potential saviours contact details and we can only hope this could be her family’s chance for preservation. I get the feeling this man isn't convinced that everything is right as rain concerning Doctor Yael though as we see him watch her leave the hospital in Adam's car. Could this be the tip he needs to follow up on his concerns?

Back at the house, one of the captors - Ella- is on the case to find out about the alarming video which she discovered on Rubin's hidden hard drive and she recruits and unknown friend to help. Her friend discovers the violent and upsetting video seems to have been filmed at some kind of embassy type setting and as he puts it "I'm sure it was no love story", evidently not. This does get me thinking though that, although the video is not crystal clear, perhaps the man attacking the woman in the video is Adam or maybe even the prime minister? Perhaps the woman is adams M.I.A wife/ mother of his daughter, that would explain his vendetta against the Prime Minister. I could have it all wrong though, if this show has taught me anything, it's how unpredictable it can be. All the while this is going on, there is more plotting and conspiring going on between the family and their new unfortunate addition- Noa's boyfriend Jonathan. He is convinced he can help Noa and her brother Assaf escape, all he needs is a tool to help release him from his shackles and thus work to help the family breakout. Yael catches wind of this plot and although at first entirely against it, she does come round and after an extremely awkward first time meeting for the pair (as if it's not hard enough meeting your spouses parents for the first time) Yael firmly threatens Jonathan warning him he cannot afford to mess up when it comes to her children but still agrees to help by distracting one of the other captors while he executes his escape plan.

I think the reason she decides enough is enough is that, after a highly emotional confrontation with her husband Eyal after discovering the hidden eviction notice, he folds and reveals he is the reason they are being held hostage. It was him who borrowed money off of loan sharks which he clearly couldn't repay and it was him who agreed, shockingly, to allow these criminals to come into his home and threaten his wife to kill the Prime Minister- All to pay off a debt. I have to say, I have liked Eyal from the start. I got the whole devoted family man trying to protect his family vibe, but I think this has to be his worst decision yet. I can understand maybe he didn't come clean because of his pride or not wanting to upset the family, but surely this solution is far worse. I don't think the couple will recover from this and I think this is why Yael does not care what happens to herself or Eyal anymore, she just wants the children to be safe.

Noa manages to procure a small tin opener whilst preparing Jonathan’s lunch and in, what was for me a moment to recoil, puts said sharp object In her mouth in order to pass it onto him discretely during a kiss in what was a bit of a cringeworthy scene as you can imagine. Their precision paid of however and without damaging their dentals, Jonathan receives the knife edged item and manages to break free. What follows is a frenzy of Jonathan running for Noa and Assaf, all captors on high alert, plenty of gunshots and a scramble to volt the 6 foot fence in the Danon's back garden. It seems, by some miracle that the children and Jonathan have managed to get away although the captors are hot on their tail. Having given Noa the Prime Minister's main man's contact details, Yael must surely be hoping somehow her children will contact him and be protected and it will all be over. With three episodes left though, I'm sure it wont be that simple and who knows what the imprisoners will do to Yael and Eyal when they return from the chase. I think Yael is past caring after this latest personal blow.

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