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Wizard Radio - Interview with Ryan Gosling


Interview with Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling chats about Lost River

Interview with Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling, actor turned director speaks to James Gilmore about his recently released film Lost River

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Lost River is the brand new film directed by Ryan Gosling. It tells the story of a single mother who is swept into a dark underworld while her teenage son discovers a road that leads him to a secret underwater town. The film stars the likes of Christina Hendriks and Eva Mendes. James Gilmore had the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes with Director Ryan Gosling to speak about this project and touch upon some others.


James Gilmore : Mr Gosling first of all thank you so much for agreeing to chat for a couple of minutes about this new film. My first question, obviously, you're a hugely famous onscreen actor. What prompted you to sit down and write this dark fairy tale?


Ryan Gosling : I worked in Detroit. I had an opportunity to work there for a few weeks and I'd always wanted to go there as a Kid. I'd had a very romantic idea of Detroit it just seemed like everything that was cool came from there. Eminem. Motown. The idea of the American Dream. When I got there it was just very different. There was 40 miles of abandoned neighbourhoods and I was shocked that there were families still trying to hold onto their homes within those neighbourhoods. So I thought for them, this dream had become some surreal nightmare. And I wanted to make a film about that.


James Gilmore : The cast in this film is absolutely fantastic. You've worked with some of these actors before, Christina Hendricks who plays Billy, you worked with her in Drive and Eva Mendes who probably doesnt need an entrance. She plays cat and you worked with her in The Place Beyond The Pines. Ex-Doctor Who Matt Smith makes an appareance aswell. I was interested in hearing your thoughts surrounding the casting?


Ryan Gosling : These are all people that I really admired and had worked with before. We had a short hand and I knew what they could do and I trusted them. Its my first film so you want to work with people that you can trust.


James Gilmore : Talking about this being your first directing film, did you have any inclination to star in the film yourself. Obviously you are best known as an actor?


Ryan Gosling : That seems like a lot. That seems impossible. I know a guy doing it and making it seem easy but it seems pretty hard. I had my hands full just directing it.


James Gilmore : Absolutely fair enough. The director of photography on the film is also a big name Benoit Debie, who has directed the photography for Spring Breakers, Carriers, Get The Gringo with Mel Gibson. Some absolutely legendary films just named here. You worked with him to create some of the dark, eerie and desolate locations that I think really stand out in this film. What was it like working with him?


Ryan Gosling : Just a big fan fan of Benoit's I've been wanting to work with him for a long time. He is a big film lover. In terms of actually shooting on film, we shot the film on 35mm with very little lights; a lot of just natural light. We've got really fast lenses so we can shoot natural light. He loves things to be dark. It just worked for the aesthetic of the movie because these are places that are very naturally beautiful but they are also very dark and I needed someone that could capture that.


James Gilmore : You are known from being in the film Drive, which has a legendary soundtrack and has recently been remade by the BBC. For Lost River you worked with composer Johnny Jewel, who was the founder of Chromatics and Desire. Both of which are bands that feature on the Drive soundtrack. So, what is it like working with him again?


Ryan Gosling : He just got the movie from day one. I sent him the script and he sent me a text a few hours later. He knew it, he knew what we were trying to do. To me his music felt like score for movies. I think we both have similar 80s references, our kind of love for film started in the 80s. We were just talking the same language.


James Gilmore : What have you learnt from this experience making Lost River and do you think that this director experience could encourage you to direct more films in the future?


Ryan Gosling : I think, you don't really know how to make a film until you make one. You just want to keep making them. You're always learning and the best thing was working with people that were my friends and I'd like to keep working with them.


James Gilmore : Thank you very much Mr Gosling.

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