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Wizard Radio - Hostages on BBC 4 - Episode 6/10


Hostages on BBC 4 - Episode 6/10

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Hostages on BBC 4 - Episode 6/10

Jo Davidson takes a look at the latest episode of Hostages.

Jo Davidson

W!ZARD News Author

I was eagerly anticipating this episode after episode 5 left us on the edge of our seats wondering if Eyal Danon (Husband and father in the Danon household) was going to make it through after an accidental gunshot fire left him with a severe wound. Luckily, Doctor Yael- Eyal's extremely talented and skilled surgeon wife- was quick on her feet to react calmly and swiftly to stabilise her husbands condition. This allows for a big sigh of relief as the episode begins with Eyal awakening from his much needed healing respite, with his devoted wife at his bedside. During this scene, Yael's exceptional control over her own emotions is demonstrated with a swift efficiency. Looking deeper into her character, you can see that the stress and worry she must have been feeling while she was unsure of her husbands state of well-being, coupled with the fact his survival was completely in her hands, must have weighed extraordinarily heavily on her shoulders.

We see yet more jealousy and petty rivalry between characters in this episode, only this time it is between Guy- the youngest and in my opinion, most reserved of the group of captors- and Jonathan, Noa's night in shining armour and father of her unborn child. Guy is unfortunately designated the task of minding Jonathan, which is probably due to the fact that in the last episode, the burley and volatile Alex seemed to be unable to keep his rage under control. This turns out to be a mistake however as when Jonathan and Guy are left alone together, Jonathan's apparent observant nature leads him to the conclusion that Guy has developed feelings for Noa, Jonathan's girlfriend.

Jonathan's incessant aggravation and play-ground style teasing towards Guy ends up with Guy revealing that Noa is pregnant. The look on Jonathan face and his harsh words towards Noa made me think he feels threatened that his own girlfriend would rather talk to Guy- a man who has come into her life to take away her freedom- than her own boyfriend. This shows there is clearly some sort of connection between Guy and Noa and although the situation is incredibly abnormal, I still think there could maybe be a possibility of a romance on the horizon- That would definitely be one to tell the grandchildren!

In an unusual turn of events, we see Ella- the only female member of the criminals- come to Assaf, the young son of the Danon family for help. Last time we saw Ella and boyfriend Alex discover a hard drive which their leader, Adam Rubin had stashed away. Ella asked Assaf if he can hack into the device and being a smart man, he doesn't disappoint. In the name of favours, Ella allows Assaf one call to his girlfriend which does not go as Assaf expected and leads to Ella, one of his captors, giving him relationship advice! Oddly enough, it's starting to feel as though the group of criminals are creating bonds with the different members of the family and are easing up on the hostile and intimidating environment they created when they first arrived.

While all these revelations and bonding sessions are going on, Yael is up to her old tricks and convinces Adam that her husband needs more medicine, despite us as the audience being able to plainly see Eyal is recovering just fine, so already we know she is up to something. Under the pretence of getting more medicine, we see Yael on her own mission to track down Adam Rubin's House. Faking a flat tyre, she buys herself some time to break into his house and dig some dirt on her captor. Just as she finds what she is looking for, people enter the house- one of which we assume to be Adams daughter. This surely spells bad news for Adam as now his hostage has leverage against him, but in even more of a dire situation and yet another twist of events, Yael herself is now trapped in Adams home as he returns.

It's hard to say which way this will go, if Adam catches Yael, surely it would be in his best interest to get rid of her- but then again, from what we have seen so far he doesn't seem like the type of person who would do something like that in front of his young daughter, who he has clearly been trying desperately to protect and keep out of his unlawful businesses all along. Perhaps Yael will think up yet another one of her cunning plans and escape somehow. Either way, the suspicion in the house will surely increase after this little escapade and I think that eventually things will come to blows in the end.

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