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Wizard Radio - Review: My Name Is My Name by Pusha T


Review: My Name Is My Name by Pusha T

Review: My Name Is My Name by Pusha T


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“ Pusha T is the real deal, he put his heart and soul into this album...” - 8.5/10

2013 has come and gone, leaving us a cluster of great rap albums to listen to over and over again.

Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name is an album that had been hyped up to such an extent that it got to the point where I thought it would be a huge disappointment. Fortunately, it was anything but. With a production team including stars such as Kanye, Pharell Williams and producing genius No I.D, it seemed as if Pusha would finally break through the barrier of mediocrity and produce a respectable album. I didn’t expect him to produce one of the best rap albums of the year.

Pusha T has long been an artist living in the shadow of his mentor Kanye West, featuring on many of his songs but never really establishing himself as a solo artist. Knowing this, I was blown away when listening to his solo album. While he keeps his old rough style of rapping, he blends this in with a more expressive style that allows the album to range the whole spectrum of emotions. He raps a bunch about his drug dealing past, but then again what artist from humble upbringings fails to mention their past?

The album is as well balanced as it could be, it truly has everything. The emotionally driven, “40 Acres” to the more grimy and rough-edged highlight track on the album, “Nosetalgia”, featuring the new king of rap Kendrick Lamar. The track is two of the best rappers going back and forth with a typically engrossing beat (Thank you, Kanye). Lamar is among many talented artists who appear in the album including, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Future, Big Sean and Pharell Williams. Oh, and 2 Chainz...though I’m not sure if I would put him in the ‘talented’ grouping. The most fascinating thing about this album is that it manages to get the best out of all the artists featuring in it; the best example of this is Rick Ross’s verse in the track ‘Hold On’.

They all manage to contribute something to the album, and the beat laid down by the various talented producers paves the way for Pusha to steal the show. The way he manages to rap about his drug past and then about him cheating on his girl with her best friend can only be rivalled by a select few. He shows he’s capable of spitting a verse at rapid speeds, but also able to slow it down to make a more Hip-Hop-esque track.

Overall, Pusha T is the real deal, he put his heart and soul into this album knowing it had to be a hit or he may never get the chance again. Many headline artists such as Jay-Z have nothing to really gain anymore and are made lazy by success, but Pusha is as hungry as they come and this album reflects that. Frustratingly, it has taken far too long for him to get this opportunity and while it seems as if Pusha has finally arrived, it is at the ripe-old age of 36. However, with his next album, titled ‘King Push’ on its way he could be staying at the top of the game for a while longer.

By Lance Morris

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