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Wizard Radio - Review: Tove Lo – Talking Body


Review: Tove Lo – Talking Body

Sylwia Freda writes about Tove Lo's latest single

Review: Tove Lo – Talking Body

(image taken from the music video for Talking Body)


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Tove Lo – real name Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She has written songs for artists such as Ellie Goulding, Icona Pop and Girls Aloud. Tove Lo has started releasing her own music in 2012 but didn’t get much recognition until 2014. The recognition came after the remix of her song Habits was released. Habits (Stay High) (Hippie Sabotage Remix) proved a success for Tove Lo as it reached the top 10 in over 12 countries.

Tove Lo is a newly signed artist at Polydor Records and has already released her debut album titled ‘Queen Of The Clouds’. The album is split into three parts: The Sex, The Love and The Pain. Her latest single ‘Talking Body’ is classed under ‘The Sex’ category and it’s no mistake since it’s a pretty seductive song. We hear Tove Lo singing ‘Now if we’re talking body, you got the perfect one so put it on me’, this shows that it’s a lot more cheerful song than Habits (which was classed under ‘The Pain’ category). Songs about pain are relatable but once in a while it’s good to listen to a song that will actually cheer us up and get us dancing.

There’s something about ‘Talking Body’ that will remind you of ‘Habits’. Some people may think Tove Lo is playing it safe as she’s only committed to one genre but I don’t think it’s a bad thing as it shows that she has her own style and she can be easily remembered. ‘Talking Body’ is an upbeat song and Tove Lo’s vocals suit the melody perfectly. This song is guaranteed to make her fan base even bigger and it will certainly make people want to listen to her whole album.

I highly doubt Tove Lo will be a one-hit wonder because if she continues creating songs up to the standard of ‘Habits’ and ‘Talking Body’ then she will have a guaranteed success all over the world. I definitely recommend ‘Talking Body’ to anyone who’s into pop music or to anyone who just wants to have a good time.

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