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Wizard Radio - Hostages on BBC 4 - Episode 5/10


Hostages on BBC 4 - Episode 5/10

Hostages on BBC 4 - Episode 5/10

Hostages on BBC4. Now on iPlayer.

Jo Davidson

W!ZARD News Author

After last episode's intense and nail biting close, we rush straight into action in this episode. Eyal Danon- husband and father in the Danon household - has been shot and is in a very worrying state. His pale and watery face combined with his rapid breathing shows us there is no time to waste in getting him medical help and Doctor Yael, his wife, is the only one who can save his life. Her calm exterior and composure during what anyone else would find an incredibly pressurised and stressful situation to say the least, shows her character not only as a capable doctor - probably the reason why she was chosen by the group of terrorists in the first place - but also as an immensely strong person who can remain in control and practical at all times.

Amazingly, Doctor Yael even manages to keep her cool when, tending to her wounded husband, is suddenly interrupted by the sound of police cars pulling up outside the house. Instantly the captors inside are on edge and we see yet more disagreements between the group and a definite struggle for dominance between leader Adam and Alex, who in my opinion is by far the scariest looking and most temperamental of the group of henchmen. After a heated back and forth, Alex is forced to stay on guard while Adam deals with the police.

Adam, being the criminal mastermind that he is, is exceedingly cunning and almost convinces the police that the noises in the house, which were the cause of their impromptu visit, were probably just neighbours being overly anxious. The police's unease is still present however and it takes Adam's quick thinking and surprisingly Alex's insubordination towards Adam's strict orders, to give the gang of criminals the upper hand yet again and to send the police on their way.

Back inside the house, Noa and Assaf have a heart to heart and we start to see that in some underhanded way, this whole terrible situation is in fact bringing the whole family a little closer together and that secrets are no longer hidden in the family. I think as well as the collapse of trust between the group of captors being a factor, the growing closeness between the imprisoned family might also ultimately assist in getting their freedom back.

We see a slight wavering of Dr Yael's focused disposition at one point, just as she is about to perform a slight surgery on her husband. Clearly it seems to have just dawned on her that his life is really in her hands and if she fails, all is lost. Surprisingly enough at this point, Adam Rubin - lead criminal of all people, is on hand to support her. We already know Adam will do some crazy things to keep his operation under control after last episode's secret escapades, but I was not expecting him to actually reveal himself to Yael after she implores him to show his face to calm her down, I can see why; a masked man isn't the most comforting thing whilst you're feeling alone and under tremendous strain. Adam's decision to show himself definitely lessens Yael's anxiety and we see the two working well together, developing some kind of acceptance between each other.

While all this is going on, Jonathan - Noa's soldier boyfriend and father of her unborn child, is being held against his will in the basement of the house. We see he has not been harmed as of yet but as Alex - the most volatile of the group of criminals enters the room, we can assume he's not here for a civilised chat. Alex's temper gets out of hand and as the stubborn soldier pushes his buttons, Alex loses control and would have undoubtedly ended up killing their new hostage Jonathan, if Adam had not stepped in and pacified the raging man. There is a bitter rivalry going on between Alex and Adam, although I can't help but think it is Alex's over eager and trigger happy nature that is causing most of the problems, it will be interesting to see if the two can make it through the rest of their time in this house without coming to blows completely.

There is most definitely a gentle side to Alex though as Ella, the only female of the group of convicts, seems to have a very loving and intense relationship with him and we see how desperate he is to hold onto her. In my opinion, she seems a little sneaky, like she is keeping something under wraps from the others and this seemed to be confirmed when we later see her meet up with a mystery character who, by the way they are talking, seems to be very important in this operation and incredibly uncaring about the casualties caused by the 'mission' so far. We can only assume she is in receipt of some privileged information which, if discovered by the others, would send the unstable Alex over the edge and the group of incarcerators into chaos. 

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