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Wizard Radio - Review: The Mafia with Trevor McDonald (ITV)


Review: The Mafia with Trevor McDonald (ITV)

Trevor McDonald shines a light at the dark and secretive ways of the Mafia.

Review: The Mafia with Trevor McDonald (ITV)

Trevor McDonald shines a light at the dark and secretive ways of the Mafia.

Elouise Standage

W!ZARD News Author

The Mafia is about a criminal problem that we still face today, Trevor McDonald investigates for 3 months about the history and survival of the Mafia. McDonald talks to past and current members of the Mafia, discussing their experiences and the outcome of being in a Mafia involved family.

The first man McDonald talks to is John Alite referred to as ‘The Sheriff’ - an associate of the Gambino family and one of the most well-known Mafia families in history. He was sentenced for only 10 years for his crimes and since being released in 2013 has been speaking as a motivational speaker and addressing anti-bullying, at risk youth and domestic violence. This is a man who murdered many people and spoke calmly and freely about this.

Another man McDonald went to talk to was Michael DiLeonardo (Mikey scars). He testified against his boss and managed to get 80 people sent to prison because of this. He now lives in fear of him and his family being killed for ratting out on the Gambino family. His brother was murdered on orders of John Gotti who he worked for, however couldn’t take revenge because it was just business to kill people. Even his brother who was not involved in the Mafia at all. Being in the Mafia has affected him and his family drastically, now he and his family are under government protection due to a high risk of being killed or harmed.

The programme unravels the mythology and discovers the reality of the Mafia. One man talked to McDonald about what the mob is like currently, suggesting that “The Mafia will always be here, just like the Catholic or Jewish Church” and that people are still being recruited to be a part of the criminal gang. The Mafia is still happening in the US and in Italy. The Gambino family to date have 400 initiated men, 4000 associates and have 5 million dollars.

Watching this documentary has made me realise how oblivious I have been about the Mafia and the damage it has done to many lives. McDonald interviews these people with respect and non-judgement. This two part documentary reveals some shocking secrets and there are more to come. 

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