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Wizard Radio - Review: Off Their Rockers (ITV)


Review: Off Their Rockers (ITV)

Off Their Rockers turns age stereotypes on its head. And its about time too.

Review: Off Their Rockers (ITV)

Betty White stars in Off Their Rockers


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‘Off Their Rockers’ is a British sketch show which airs on ITV. The hidden cameras show old people pulling pranks on young people. At the very beginning of the show we see ‘We don’t have a problem with growing old. It’s the growing up bit that we struggle with.’ warning us that watching it will change our perception of the elderly.


The first video from the hidden cameras that we see is an elderly woman asking two young women if they like Pop music. She tells them that she listens to Chase and Status and that she finds her husband old school as he listens to Kylie. As a gift she decided to get him Kylie’s gold hot pants, which we see her husband then showing up in. It was a great clip to start with as it was quite funny and it really set the atmosphere for the rest of the episode.


Another clip we see is of a man working on a bridge and then falling off his ladder into the river after an old man asks some young women to help him as his scooter was stuck. He tells them to unlock it, which results in them using the wrong button. It was a very funny moment though it’s hard not to feel bad for the man that fell.


A video which could make you cringe is of an elderly man going over to a couple in a park and asking them for dating advice.  He told them he had dinner with a lovely lady and sensed chemistry between them however he sent her a message and she hasn’t responded. We then find out that the message was a photograph of him in his boxers. We hear him say ‘Her loss, plenty more pictures where that came from’ which resulted in the couple not being able to stop laughing


The funniest moment was when a poor young man who was sitting on a bench was bombarded with elderly people asking him to look after their stuff for them such as a shopping bag or a bike but the best moment was when an older woman asked the man to look after her husband. There is another clip as funny as this in which we see how an old man sits next to two young men on a bench and tells them that technology is amazing today listing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. One of the young men asks him if he’s on all of the social media and he says that he uses them all and that he’s sending a message to his family reciting it as he wrote ‘Hi, having a great time. Weather is wonderful. Wish you were here. He then tells them that he has to post it and then we see him getting up and throwing his tablet into a post box leaving the young men in disbelief of what had happened.


The episode consists of clip after clip of pranks, some being more funny than others but it still doesn’t fail to please. I’d recommend watching the new series of ‘Off Their Rockers’ to people who don’t even like comedy because it will lift your mood up for sure. There are plenty of other clips which I haven’t mentioned such as an elderly man trying to be ‘ghetto’ and an elderly couple dancing to Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Booty’ because it’s worth seeing it for yourself.


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