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Wizard Radio - Review: Hostages on BBC 4 (Episode 3/10)


Review: Hostages on BBC 4 (Episode 3/10)

The family adjust to life as hostages but what are they prepared to do to protect each other?

Review: Hostages on BBC 4 (Episode 3/10)

With Yael having moved the prime minister's operation to buy the family more time, her captors are desperate to get it back on track.


W!ZARD News Author

After last episode's harrowing conclusion to Dr Yael's cunning plan to postpone the Prime Minister's operation, we see the family adjusting to life living as hostages. To the outside world, the family are carrying on as usual, but inside the house tensions are running high. We are introduced more intimately to a new character in this episode and she seems to have a passionate jealousy towards Doctor Yael.  A lot of secrets are going around and being revealed in this episode. We learn that Eyal Danon's financial situation is worse than ever and that on top of the ongoing threat inside his own home,  a completely separate problem in the form of Avi Lerner - a loan shark - is after Eyal's blood unless he pays up on the money he has borrowed. When watching this anxious, desperate man try to hold everything together, you almost start to feel stressed out with him, further reaffirming the attachment to these characters.


Meanwhile, Yael and Eyal's daughter Noa, is coming along in her pregnancy, though no one else in her family is aware of her situation. A bout of morning sickness results in one of her captors taking pity on her and the two begin to form a supportive, albeit rather dysfunctional friendship. Perhaps a budding romance is on the way. It will be interesting to see how that will unfold considering the power dynamic between hostages and criminals.


Professor Bentzur, a colleague of Doctor Yael, has become suspicious of the circumstances in which the Prime Minister's operation was postponed. After doing some digging, he discovers Yael's involvement and threatens her that he will be taking the matter further. Of course, considering the situation Yael finds herself and her family in, she has to employ her cunning nature again to get herself out of this potentially life threatening compromise.


In this episode we really get a sense of how pressured and on edge the family have become and what they are prepared to do to protect each other. The characters' development so far has me wondering whether it will turn out that this seemingly helpless family will start to get the upper hand on their captors.

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