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Wizard Radio - Review: Hostages on BBC 4 (Episode 2/10)


Review: Hostages on BBC 4 (Episode 2/10)

Kill the Prime Minister of Isreal during a routine operation, or let her family die?

Review: Hostages on BBC 4 (Episode 2/10)

Hostages on BBC4. Now on iPlayer.

Jo Davidson

W!ZARD News Author

After the first episode's explosive pilot, in which surgeon Dr. Yael Danon and her family are held hostage and at gunpoint, the doctor now faces a terrifying decision: kill the Prime Minister of Isreal during a routine operation, or let her family die...


We enter the second episode with much tension as we are shown the continuing hostage situation in which this unfortunate family have found themselves in. There is a distinct feeling of unease in the air after a police unit is sent to the house, following an alarm technician sensing something is not right after speaking to an eerily calm Yael on the phone. It seems however, even the police are not to be trusted. It is clear now the family is very much on their own.


Yael, at her most desperate, attempts to bargain with her captors in exchange for letting her children go. This plan very nearly devastatingly backfires and they are back to square one, with demands being made and the family still trapped. Dr. Yael is soon informed of the fact she is constantly being watched by the captors and one false move will result in a gruesome end for her beloved family, so although she is released from the house to go to work and carry out her task, again, she is far from safe.


The whole theme of this episode follows Yael as she tries desperately to think of a way out of this horrendous situation, all the while being watched by the assailants back at her house. Yael is cunning though and as she goes through the motions of her work day, she thinks up a scheme to postpone the imminent operation in the hope to buy her and her family some time. Unfortunately, her plan is foiled and someone ends up paying the ultimate price...


It is very interesting to see how this story is unfolding and I am enjoying the way the writers are planting twists and turns at every corner, whilst still making the characters believable.

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