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Wizard Radio - Review: Big Star's Little Star (ITV)


Review: Big Star's Little Star (ITV)

The offspring of Celebrities compete for their chosen charities.

Review: Big Star's Little Star (ITV)

Stephen Mulhern presents an episode of Big Star's Little Star


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On its third series of ‘Big Star’s Little Star’, Stephen Mulhern once again hosts the family entertainment show. The content of the programme is light-hearted and the best combination of what children will enjoy and parents alike. It is a downward spiral from ‘Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’ but still has enough enjoyment for all the family. Sometimes you get to even find out secrets like when Olympian Denise Lewis came on the show with her son; he was asked “What would mummy like to keep a secret?” and he replied “she doesn’t like daddy”. Awkward and very scandalous for the mainstream viewers out there. Presenter Joe Swash brings son Harry, Olympian Sharon Davies brings son Finley and Duncan Bannatyne brings granddaughter Ava, competing to win money for their chosen charity.


Even if a pair lose they still get to give their charity £1000, although I don’t think Bannatyne needs it having four houses, I’m sure he can afford to give to charity. The celebrities, completely red faced, laugh along with the secrets their children tell the UK audience and are good sports. The children all very enthusiastic and charming in their TV debut.


The programme ask both the children and celebrities a series of questions about the celebrities' lives and hopefully gain points by answering the same as each other - the exact layout of ‘All Star Mr and Mrs’ but centres around children instead. The pair with the most points get to go to the next round to win a large amount of money for their charity.


However, whilst watching the programme I realised that discovering pointless facts about celebrities isn’t my cup of tea. Fair enough, ITV need their game shows and reality shows to please a mainstream audience on a Saturday night, but when a Saturday night channel consists of mind numbing programmes, it’s a shame. Whitechapel was not axed for its large audience or incredible content, it was axed for shows like these to take its place. I thought by now ITV would have thought of some more creative ways to entertain families by now rather than just showing another game show that’s quite generic to the other game shows.


It’s not exactly Catchphrase (which I prefer Mulhern in) but it’s still an easy going, 'family night in' worthy programme. I just don’t think the programme should be on for much longer and I’m sure it will be replaced by yet another game show. 


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