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Wizard Radio - Review: Alexander at Surya


Review: Alexander at Surya

Release. Tour. Repeat.

Review: Alexander at Surya

The band Alexander.


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In the back of a London venue that I'd never heard of, I met the band Alexander. The four-piece from Newcastle have recently been touring following the release of their Album 'Say Hello', playing their alt-pop anthems, including their biggest song yet 'Drive', to fans up and down the UK.

The members of the band grew up on music, dreaming of being like the musicians they saw on album covers since they were knee-high. Listening to their parents's music collections shaped the people that we see today, with their influences being 'Anything and Everything', though bands such as Fleetwood Mac and The Cardigans are still huge parts of their lives. Andrew, drums, was entered into the music scene without a choice, 'Dad was a drummer, easy in', while Anth, guitar and vocals, was first introduced to playing music by his brother before meeting James, Bass, and first starting to form bands.

Fans of touring, the boys have been on multiple throughout their musical days. Despite James being hit by the band's own touring van, the spirits of the members have never dampened and they have no plans to stop. Why do they tour? 'We just have fun, [we] love being together and paying music', which is a fantastic basis behind any band. With hundreds of supporters travelling to watch the band, the reasons for they to keep touring don't stop growing.

From watching the band perform live, their passion for music that they expressed in the interview is completely there, their live show makes it so clear that they're enjoying themselves and that they're there for the fun of it, which makes for a much better show for the viewers. They move around the stage, connect with the audience and have genuine smiles plastered across their faces; they're a band who gets lost in themselves and the music that they're playing. For obvious reasons, this affects their playing slightly, as they're so lost in the music that a few wrong notes and off-beat strums are going to happen. Their smiling faces and getting the audience involved helps to keep the mood positive in times of imperfections, which makes for a fantastic show for fans and non-fans alike.

It seems that they these guys couldn't get any happier with life right now. Jamie, guitar, is totally absorbed in the music when he's playing on stage, so it's unsurprising that for him '[this] lifestyle, it's perfect' and that touring the length of the U with his best friends is all that he'd want. The band aren't hunting for a number one track, or a sold out show at the O2 Arena, all they want is to continue how they are, touring and writing together while entertaining their fans, never mind the size of the stage.

So what's next? 'Release, tour, release', they're only interested in playing live or recording music that they'll later play live. After they've finished their current tour, they'll be straight back into their home studio, writing more material and releasing more tracks as soon as they can. I'm sure it won't be long before they're out on the road again, continuing the life that they adore.

The four guys from Newcastle have probably seen more stardom than they expected since starting the band. As their guitar melodies and relatable lyrics reach more people further afield, they can expect to tour out of the comfort zone of the British Isles. Let's just hope that no one gets hit by another van this time.


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