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Wizard Radio - Review: Room 101 on BBC One


Review: Room 101 on BBC One

Celebrities share their worst nightmare.

Review: Room 101 on BBC One

The show that sees celebrities fight to banish their innermost nightmares to Room 101.


W!ZARD News Author

Room 101 is one of the longest-running BBC series and every Friday we have the pleasure of watching three celebrities discuss their pet peeves and then compete to banish them to Room 101, a decision that is made by the host Frank Skinner.

This week’s celebrity guests are Des O’Connor, a British comedian, broadcaster and singer, Jameela Jamil, a British radio presenter, TV presenter and a model, and Adrian Chiles, a TV and radio presenter.

In the first category, which is ‘Modern life’, first to share his worst nightmare was Adrian who chose people who recline their seats on planes. This was at the end chosen by Frank Skinner to be banished into Room 101. Des O’Connor chose horoscopes to be banished and Jameela chose bad break-up etiquettes, two pet peeves which didn’t really affect that many people so Skinner’s choice was rightly picked.

In the second category, which was the Wildcard, Jameela was the first one to share her worst nightmare which turned out to be loud eaters. Jameela was certainly the funniest guest of the episode as she used a half-masticated cow to describe loud eaters. Jameela’s worst nightmare was the one to be chosen by Frank Skinner to be banished into Room 101 and that’s not surprising as Adrian chose open-toed shoes that are not a the right size and Des O’Connor chose pantomimes and their worst nightmares were not as good, or should I say as bad, as Jameela’s.

In this episode Frank Skinner showed us and his guests the reverse listening device which was created by Dominic Wilcox, his aim was to make people laugh and it was quite funny however this is not a science experiment programme, it’s a talk show so was that really necessary when it wasn’t even related.

Laughter is certainly not amiss throughout this episode as the episode starts of with Jameela asking ‘Is Des O’Connor hitting on me?’ but these jokes are sadly not enough to make the people who are watching it laugh. Frank Skinner is a comedian but it seems as if he’s taking the time on the show to relax and share with us only gentle jokes.

The three celebrities chose pet peeves, which I’m sure a lot of people could relate to however there was something missing from this episode, there was no fun factor. The host should let the celebrities persuade him more and let them compete to have their pet peeve banished into Room 101 because that would add some excitement to the show.

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