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Wizard Radio - Review: Ibiza Weekender on ITV2


Review: Ibiza Weekender on ITV2

The Weekender series lands in Ibiza for a new dose of drunken revelry.

Review: Ibiza Weekender on ITV2

Ibiza Weekender is coming to ITV2 soon


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After 3 seasons set in Magaluf, Mallorca in 2013 – ITV has brought back Two Four's Weekender series, only this time, it's landed in Ibiza for a new dose of drunken revelry, parties and reality TV at it's rowdiest.

Ibiza, Spain is THE party island and because of this, attracts thousands of holiday and party goers around the world which makes it a perfect setting for the focus of this show.

The series is based around a group of young Holiday Reps: Imogen, Rachel, Sophie, Deano, Ben and Kris. The Ibiza Weekender follows the team and their guests as they embark on the holiday of a lifetime.

With the narrator adding hilarious commentary to guide us through the show, cameras set up in and around the apartments and one on one video accounts from the guests and reps; it is framed in a similar style to programmes like Big Brother which works well to really give the viewers an inside look into the party lifestyle at its finest.

Ibiza Weekender centres on new guests arriving at the hotel every weekend and how the reps make it their mission to take them out to the best places, organise day trips and generally show them what the island has to offer.

With copious amounts of alcohol flowing and emotions running high - there are great times to be had, but not without the tears and tantrums to go along with it.

Being as young as they are and given the opportunity to work on a party island, the reps are faced with the dilemma of having to balance work commitments with their need to party and make the most of the experience. There are disagreements, romances, some definite R-rated behaviour and as we come into the third episode, we are already faced with a love triangle!

Imogen, the Head Rep, is faced with a ghost of her past and it proves quite difficult for her and the other reps to ignore this new change in dynamic. There is a spark of new romances in the air as well and it is interesting to see how this affects the group as a whole. Meanwhile, there are some serious issues with professionalism with some of the reps in particular and it becomes clear early on some changes to the group will have to be made.

Ibiza Weekender makes for fun and interesting viewing as you watch the relationships between the reps and guests unfold whilst also getting a look into what life is like working on the famous party island.

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