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Wizard Radio - Review: Planet's Got Talent


Review: Planet's Got Talent

An ingenious collation of the most entertaining moments from all the “Got Talent” shows worldwide.

Review: Planet's Got Talent

Planet's Got Talent is humorously presented by Warwick Davis.


W!ZARD News Author

Deep down, everyone knows they’re a bit weird. Or at least, you acknowledge that you’ve got some pretty crazy friends or family. I can assure you, watching ‘Planet’s Got Talent’ will make you feel like the most normal person on earth. The best thing about talent shows is when that one person does that one ridiculously insane performance that you would never in a million years have the guts to do – and we get to sit and laugh. This show, humorously narrated by Warwick Davis, is an ingenious collation of the most entertaining moments from all the “Got Talent” shows worldwide.

The show is cleverly and comically categorised into six different groups; giving a vague sense of order to the randomness of the clips shown. The first is ironically titled “Useful Skills” and is a collection of the most pointless activities such as a man in Romania bringing a pile of wood onstage only to present his “skill” of imitating the sound of a drill. A contestant in South Africa proudly displays his ability to carry a bag of cement with his teeth while a man from ‘America’s Got Talent’ has the strange and shocking ability to use his crotch as a shield. The performance consists of his buddies kicking him in the crotch and breaking heavy bricks on top of his crotch. All the while the supposed victim or perhaps “star in the making“ is the more appropriate term, as he received riotous applause when he shows no sign of pain throughout. I’m starting to think maybe the dictionary should have an additional definition of ‘talent’. I might suggest that it be ‘outrageous antics done by fame-hungry contestants on reality shows’.

In spite of this, there are still some truly exceptional acts, particularly in the “People on People” category. A Russian trio take acrobatics to an extraordinary new level; it is simply spectacular to see. The “Talent with Tails” section is a great one for any dog-lovers out there, though by the end of it, everyone will want a puppy more than ever. America outshines all in this part, with one act featuring dogs that can do the conga, backflips and jump hurdles on their back legs! “At The Movies” is a category that brings attention to celebrity impersonators – none, however, have much talent. The Dwayne Johnson impersonator spends five minutes wresting with himself and melodramatically throwing himself on the floor: to say it was awful would be a grave understatement.

We can all recall the momentous moment on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ when Susan Boyle opened her mouth and shocked the nation with her beautiful voice. ‘Planet’s Got Talent’ goes further with this idea and names one category ‘Surprises’; an array of both good and bad unexpected performances. My favourite is the Belgium man, dressed in a suit and resembling a boring old banker, who then starts break-dancing and wows the audience with hip-hop style dancing. The most enjoyable yet most sadistic part of the show is the ‘Epic Fails’ category which showcases embarrassing moments of contestants falling off the stage, dropping their props, or in one extreme case, a fire-breather fills his mouth with paraffin only to discover that his lighter has stopped working! When I hear the word ‘talent’, what normally comes to mind is singing, playing an instrument and perhaps stand-up comedy but after watching this, my idea of what talent is, is much more varied and definitely more unusual.

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