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Wizard Radio - Review: Nasty - The Prodigy


Review: Nasty - The Prodigy

Can the Prodigy revive punk in 2015?

Review: Nasty - The Prodigy

The Prodigy return with their new single 'Nasty'


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After a six year absence, The Prodigy have returned in an effort to revive what they feel is the failing rave scene. Their latest single nasty does go some way in proving that punk is not dead. At first listen it does just sound like being shouted at by a drunk who thinks you’re nasty whilst being pummelled with a fair amount of bass, but (perhaps against my better judgement) I begin to yield a certain grudging respect to the song. Amidst all the fury, the fragmentary yells and occasionally bonkers sound effects, there was definitely something worth admiring.

The track opens in a deceptively simple way, before exploding into full throttle as an echoing voice yells “so raw!”. Just as you’re about to question what this actually means, we’re into the chorus, mainly consisting of angry cries of “NASTY, NASTY!”. At first I stubbornly believed there was nothing clever about screaming a song’s title at the listener, and perhaps there isn’t, but the aggression is addictively genuine.

In the transition sections there’s a stomping percussive thud, and as the song develops there’s some rather odd sound effects. One of them is a whistling sound akin to a spaceship hovering above the studio, whilst a siren-like wail can be heard later on, presumably to restore order amongst the ‘nasty’ people. After the second chorus there is another baffling cry of “I ain’t no tourist”, before an odd string synth briefly adds an air of unexpected grandeur to the song.

It feels like it’s all over in a flash, and the listener is left somewhat taken aback and slightly confused, especially if you’ve not listened to any of The Prodigy’s songs before. It’s certainly an acquired taste, and listening to a whole album of it would probably be rather exhausting and marginally painful. But for an adrenaline fuelled 4 minutes, you can’t really go wrong with ‘Nasty’.

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