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Wizard Radio - Review: American Dad (Series 10 PREMIER)


Review: American Dad (Series 10 PREMIER)

A source of light entertainment and cheeky crude humour for those nights in.

Review: American Dad (Series 10 PREMIER)

American Dad Series 10 Premier


W!ZARD News Author

Family sitcoms are ever-present in the world of television with classics like ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ remaining favourites today. Animation ‘American Dad’, however, is nothing special. In the first episode of the brand new series, we follow the lives of what seem to be unoriginal, stock characters. Steve and Snot are the typical socially awkward pubescent boys desperately trying to secure dates for prom night whilst sister Hayley is a moody hipster lecturing them on the objectification of women.

There are moments of humour as the boys attempt to get dates by creating clones; the mishaps and mistakes made along the way are comical; the awkward and horribly pervy moment when the boys are caught collecting pubic hair for DNA samples in a girls’ dressing room will cause a few chuckles. The dopey persona of this “American Dad” is in a way endearing; this episode showcases the strange but strong bond between the dad and the idiotic dodo cloned by the CIA. Nevertheless, given the title of the show, it seemed like the dad played a rather secondary character in this episode - his appearances in the episode are random and inconsequential; there is no authenticity to his character to merit the ownership given in the show’s title. The mum seemed to be even more insignificant with one line about a French poet. The sense of randomness is continued when the show is arbitrarily interrupted with a pop quiz for the viewers. If the series is to go down this road of direct references to the audience, it could be funny and memorable but the attempt in this episode was hideously unsuccessful. It was unnecessary and left me with a baffled expression rather than a smiling one.

There is a nice, unexpected twist when the clones come out as babies, resulting in the emergence of peculiar father-daughter relationships between them instead of the sexual relationships Steve and Snot had in mind. From the first episode, it can be deduced that the ‘American Dad’ series will most likely be a source of light entertainment and cheeky crude humour for those nights when you’re fed up with channel-hopping. There is indeed potential for many more entertaining storylines to emerge because of the nature of the dad’s high security job at the CIA but unless there is some serious character development, you won’t ever catch me saying “Oh gosh, I’ve got to catch ‘American Dad’ on telly!”.

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