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Wizard Radio - Kaleya Cover Contest: Jealous - Labrinth

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Kaleya Cover Contest: Jealous - Labrinth

Congratulations to Stella and the Shakes for winning this week!


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This week, Kaleya looks at passionate covers of the song Jealous by Labrinth. "Jealous" is the second song from Labrinth's upcoming second album, Take Me to the Truth, and was released on 23rd November 2014 when it shot straight to Number 7 on the UK Singles Charts. The music video especially has gained a lot of attention for being emotional and showing Labrinth as being vulnerable.


This song has been covered by five talented Youtubers.  The winner will be announced on Kaleya’s show on Sunday 21st November 2014, between 9pm and 10pm! Don't forget to vote and support your favourite cover.

Alex Stockley


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