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Wizard Radio - Review: Blind Date


Review: Blind Date

It’s witty, fearless and a piece of comic genius!

Review: Blind Date

Rebecca Northon as Mimi in Blind Date.

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

If there’s one word that is hated by every Theatre-lover it is: ‘improv’. The fact that you could be the reason that the evening goes terribly is usually enough to scare away everyone and anyone from a show. That’s without remembering that if the actors are not top-notch, improv can be an excruciatingly awkward and boring experience.

Luckily, the West End has welcomed a show that is the polar-opposite of the above. Rebecca Northon plays ‘Mimi’, a French clown whose blind date for the evening has failed to turn up – so, she decided to replace him with an unwilling man from the audience. But, rather than a few moments of public humiliation, Northon subjects the rather embarrassed man to be her co-star for the next 90 minutes.

Blind Date is one of the funniest pieces of improvised theatre I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. It is witty, fearless and a piece of comic genius. Everybody feels like they are apart of the show (and not in a cheesy, “He’s behind you!” kind of way either) without very much effort.

Mimi goes further than most comedienne’s would go with their ‘volunteers’ – whilst still leaving plenty of space untouched to make it appropriate for teens and adults alike. And, both showed clear signs of thoroughly enjoying the evening. It’s a risky night out but when it goes to plan (which, with the skill of the cast, one would presume would be the case the majority of the time) it provides a humorous Theatrical experience that you will never forget.

If time permits, I’ll definitely been returning for a second date. Visit: for more.

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