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Wizard Radio - Interview with Gia Ré


Interview with Gia Ré

First Class Chefs - Family Style debuts on Disney Channel on May 15th!

Interview with Gia Ré

Gia Ré

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

When Disney Channel premiered First Class Chefs in 2015, we were pretty pumped.

In fact, we were so pumped that we went down to the set and interviewed Mr. First Class Chef himself Michel Roux Jr all about the show pitting teams of young chefs against each other to see who could cook the best!

(Read our review of Series 1, here)

Now we're in 2017, the show is back (no show in 2016 because 2016 was a RUBBISH YEAR) and with a first class twist: Family Style.

First Class Chefs - Family Style will see contestants from the first series (2015) paired with a family member to see who is 'best'. Oh, and this time the talent has changed a bit - with the amazing Gia Ré hosting alongside British Chef and TV presenter Matt Tebutt.

We interviewed Gia Ré all about the new show and whether she could cook up a storm when she was younger.

WR: How did you feel when you found out that you would be hosting the new series of First Class Chefs? What did you make of the first series?

GR: I was really excited when I found out that I was going to be able to film the new series of First Class Chefs because I have always been passionate about food. I’ve watched Master Chef and lots of different cooking TV shows and thought to myself I want to do that one day, so when I got to do it I was elated!

I could not believe how developed these kids’ palettes were in the first series! I watched this challenge where they had to taste different foods like chilli chocolate, so you would need to have quite developed taste buds, I was really impressed!

WR: This series is ‘Family Style’ – how did you get the whole family involved in the show?

GR: Well, this series is a new spin on the first series with the British Chef and TV presenter Matt Tebutt and me. Contestants from the first series were invited back but this time with a family member so that was really interesting to see the dynamic there, you would think that the older family member would be telling the kids what to do but it was actually the other way round! The kids were ruling the roost! I would have loved to boss my own family around like that.

WR: Was cooking an important part of growing up for you? Do you remember the first thing you ever cooked?

GR: I think the first thing I ever cooked was bacon and scrambled eggs, but I didn’t do ordinary scrambled eggs I added cheese and red peppers in. Also, being Jamaican I like pepper so I put some scotch bonnet in it which is a very hot chilli.

WR: The teams have to impress British chef Matt Tebbutt during the series – what was it like working with such an esteemed chef?

GR: Matt is such a brilliant guy, I had so much fun working with him! He made me feel comfortable straight away and that we were on the same level. He even educated me about things I didn’t know and helped me to discover my new favourite cheese, gruyere, which is a Swiss cheese.

WR: In three words, why should people watch the new series of First Class Chefs –Family Style?

GR: Ah that’s a good one. Tantalising, passion and awesome!

First Class Chefs - Family Style debuts on Disney Channel at 5pm (UK time) on May 15th!

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