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Wizard Radio - Review: A Chorus Line


Review: A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line is raw talent at its finest!

Review: A Chorus Line

The cast of ‘A Chorus Line’ in London’s West End

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

A Chorus Line revolutionised Broadway, revolutionised the West End, broke records and won countless awards. And, it looks like it’s ready to do that all over again! Unlike so many other shows in the heart of London, the talent doesn’t hide behind fancy costumes and big sets. In fact, apart from a white line on the stage on which the dancers line-up, there is very little else as far as a set is concerned. But this is no hindrance.

A Chorus Line is raw talent at its finest! The singing is fantastic, the dancing is spectacular and the acting is authentic and believable. It is widely known that the original production of A Chorus Line was based on the real lives of dancers who were taped by Michael Bennett, telling their life stories.

Well, I must send a huge apology to all of the popular television programmes of today, this reality show beats them all! As well as that, the team behind this revival picked a legendary venue to house this timeless production. It is a musical that will surely change the minds of anybody that feels squeamish at the thought of a night out at the theatre – and one that will become an all time favourite for west end lovers (if it isn’t already!)

If you’re unsure as what to see when you’re in town, keep it safe and take a visit to the Palladium! Book your tickets now, by clicking here.

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