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Wizard Radio - Interview with LANY


Interview with LANY

We spoke to drummer Jake Goss about life in LANY and what's to come from the exciting three-piece

Interview with LANY


James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

We’ve been raving about LANY for a little while now.

Currently on their World Tour in anticipation of their self-titled debut album, lead-singer Paul Klein, drummer Jake Goss and keyboards/guitarist Les Preist are on quite a run at the moment.

Following their sold-out date at London’s KOKO, and after the drop of Good Girls, our first proper taster of the debut album, we spoke to drummer Jake Goss about life in LANY and what’s to come.

WR: You guys have just embarked on your European tour, this week you’ve performed in Birmingham and Manchester, London tonight and then off around the rest of Europe. How’s it been so far?

JG: It's been amazing! It is a wild and crazy feeling to be so far from home and feel the love of fans across the world. The shows have been such a blast! We're extremely grateful to be here.

WR: You have a really passionate, dedicated fan base… how do you find different cities respond differently to your music?

JG: You know, it's kinda crazy. One of the beautiful things we are realizing is that there isn't much of a difference. Everywhere we go we are showered with love and support. Feels like home every night.

WR: Your latest single is ILYSB – which came off 2015’s Make Out EP. Why did you decide to resurface that as your current single?

JG: It just needed some time to live in the world. It clearly has a global response and we are now taking it to radio for the first time. It's super fun watching it have a new life.

WR: You also dropped the music video for the track which features you guys beating up the boyfriend of a girl Paul fancies. The video could have easily been a sort of ‘people running through the fields’ type video… Why did you decide to take this angle instead?

JG: We wanted to shock the viewer. Wanted to run from anything predictable and safe. Paul wrote a treatment for it and we ran with it. We really love the way it turned out

WR: All of the music you have released so far have been outstanding, fans just got a sample of your debut album “LANY BY LANY” when you dropped ‘Good Girls’ last week. What has been the creative process behind this album?

JG: We have been writing non-stop for close to a year and a half... Writing on the road, writing in Malibu, writing in Nashville, writing in airplanes, all of it. We've created in different places but the heart of the process has stayed true. Can't wait for you to hear it!

WR: Where do you usually take inspiration from for your music?

JG: Everyday life. From the smallest things to the biggest- it all matters greatly to us.

WR: The self-titled debut is out on the 30th of June – do you feel nervous about releasing your first, full-length album? How are you feeling about it?

JG: BEYOND EXCITED!! We are so proud of these songs and we can't wait to share them with you! We are going to lose our voices June 30th just like you would at a sporting event. Gonna cheer and cheer and cheer and cheer!!

WR: Going back to where we are now, you’re on the European leg of “The LANY Tour: Part 1”. You have supported artists in the past such as Ellie Goulding, Troye Sivan and Halsey and you’re supporting John Mayer next month.

Do you find it difficult playing in front of your own fans versus supporting an artist where you may have to win over a room?

JG: Getting in front of anyone is a gift. The reaction can be different opening vs headlining but it will never give us the right to ever give them something less just because it isn't a sold out show of our own. Every show is a learning experience and you find ways to grow. We're grateful for the manic, die-hard fans and grateful for the arms-crossed fans because it's a chance to bring someone into your family. And who knows, maybe arms-crossed mcghee crowd surfs at your next show because that first show resonated. Our job is to deliver and give you something that will last forever in your heart and soul. I think fans can pick up on gratefulness too. I have seen Paul (star vocal) win over a low ticketed, kinda asleep room through kindness, gratefulness, and passion. When your fans feel like they are a part of something special, it changes the atmosphere. That is a beautiful opportunity.

WR: Is there anyone you would really like to support or collaborate with?

JG: We've talked about how rad it would be to team up with Daft Punk. Just got goosebumps.

WR: What can fans expect from a LANY show?

JG: Energy, a need for earplugs, lights, beauty, passion, and most importantly, an unforgettable evening.

WR: Lastly, do you have any warm-up routines to help you prepare for the live shows?

JG: We all have different things we do... Lots of focus. I warm-up for 30 minutes and maybe do a few stretches. Nothing too crazy.

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