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Wizard Radio - Interview with Samantha Shannon


Interview with Samantha Shannon

James Gilmore interviews the author behind bestselling 'The Bone Season' about her latest release

Interview with Samantha Shannon

Samantha Shannon

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

When it comes to dystopia and the paranormal world… one girl is ruling the words.

Samantha Shannon released The Bone Season in 2013 after Shannon wondered what would happen if dystopia met the supernatural… and there was a second Salem Witch Trials. The result was a best selling book, the film rights to which were sold to the award winning Imaginarium Studios.

The sequel, The Mime Order was released in 2015 and now, two years later we are graced with The Song Rising.

James Gilmore interviewed Samantha Shannon about the new book, the success of The Bone Season and what we can expect next.

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James Gilmore interviews Samantha Shannon

James Gilmore interviews author Samantha Shannon about new book The Song Rising, the success of her other books and what we can expect next. (6 minutes)

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