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Wizard Radio - Review: Work From Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - Fifth Harmony


Review: Work From Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - Fifth Harmony

Does the song "work" well enough for a second round of dominance?

Review: Work From Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony

Nicolas-Tyrell Scott

W!ZARD News Author

Fifth Harmony had a resilient and progressive first era. Each single grew with impact and manifested into the single Worth It, which essentially rubber stamped the X Factor band’s entrance into the pop arena as a force to be reckoned with.

After a successful tour and time in the studio the girls have returned with their launch single for album two Work From Home.

Work From Home begins with Camila. Teasing her lover she sings about "sitting pretty" and being "impatient" for his presence. She acknowledges that he's got to "put in them hours" but she refuses to remain bored so "sends pic after pic" to add more fuel to the anticipation of seeing him.

Before she loses it, Normani takes over.

It's more of the same story: she's lonely and uses her vocals to express her frustration with spending all her nights alone. She needs her "boss at home" and seems too unimpressed with all the "night shifts". Soon after we're taken to the synth and hard hitting chorus.

All 5 come up with a solution and in impressive harmony tell their lovers to "let their body do the work". The band sound great here and really have solidified their cohesiveness as a collective. After this they then continue to sing in unison "we can work from home, home, home" and after repetition of that line let Ally takeover lead vocals.

Ally takes control and demand as she offers a "promotion" to her man. Her confident and crystal clear voice is used here to tell her man that they "need nobody", what she does needs is his body however. Dinah then proceeds with similar sentiments to Normani about those damn night shifts. We're instantly shifted back to the infectious work verse now.

Ty Dolla $ign now takes the lead and adds some rap. He half sings/half raps in his signature auto tuned nature, his desire for his girl to "take it the ground and pick it up" for him.

His tone is perfect for the song, really works with the pop-synth lead soundscape and as he demands "work like his time sheet" it's clear that the dominance from Ty Dollar $ign is felt here. Really useful feature for the single.

After some more "working" on the chorus and some nice solo highs from Camila it seems that it's an end of shift for Fifth Harmony - for now anyway.

Work From Home is a grower, it doesn't instantly get in your head but the production is enough to make it sweet enough to want another listen. Once it does cement itself into listener's heads however, it proves to be another hit in the bag for the girls.

In a similar vein to Worth It, Fifth Harmony solidify a formula which is sure to grab attention in the build up to the second album "7/27" due this May. Great effort from a band which is showing just as much potential (for this day and age) as Destiny's Child were showing in their early days. Well done to everyone involved.

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