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Wizard Radio - Interview with Jake Boys


Interview with Jake Boys

Jake Boys is the hottest new YouTuber on the block

Interview with Jake Boys

Jake Boys

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

YouTuber Jake Boys has become renowned for his challenges, daily vlogs and general banter.

The MASSIVE One Direction fan (who has gained over 245,000 subscribers and over 10 million views on YouTube) has posted classic videos such as the time when he went around singing One Direction songs to the public whilst wearing a Harry Styles mask and there's a few pranks here and there as well.

Jake has just joined the awesome crew over at AwesomenessTV UK which, if you somehow don't know, is the hottest new YouTube channel on the net.

Featuring some of the UK’s top YouTube creators, AwesomenessTV UK will showcases new uploads every day - with Monday's being videos about Advice & DIY, Tuesdays is Fashion & Beauty, Wednesdays is Entertainment, Thursday is the List Show, Friday is Entertainment News, Saturdays are Awesomeness Challenges and Sundays is Comedy & Cooking.

With fresh content every day - the channel is presented by HUGGEEE YouTubers such as Mazzi Maz, Harrison Webb, Emily Canham, Jake Boys, Jake Mitchell, Hannah Witton, Toby Randall and Ebony Day.

James Gilmore chatted to Jake Boys about his 1D obsession (they even play a quiz!), the new channel, his favourite moments as YouTuber and more.

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James Gilmore interviews Jake Boys

James Gilmore interviews YouTuber Jake Boys about 1D obsession (they even play a quiz!), AwesomnessTV UK, his favourite moments as YouTuber and more.


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