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Wizard Radio - Public Conscience Encourages UK Government to Lend a Hand


Public Conscience Encourages UK Government to Lend a Hand

The UK is stepping up to aid Syrian Refugee Children

Public Conscience Encourages UK Government to Lend a Hand

Lucy Peck

W!ZARD News Author

Britain’s accepting vulnerable Syrian refugees The Syrian crisis that peaked amongst Britain and Europe in September of 2015 has seemingly taken a back seat after legislation had been put in place to make Britain contribute to the improvement of the Syrian situation.

With Germany’s push for European Government quotas - which declare how many refugees each country should be able to accommodate comfortably - and the decision for the British Government to hold air-strikes in the month of December, the story dwindled from the forefront of the media.

Every reaction to global crises’ is often influenced by shocking emotive events that put people in touch with their conscience and recently emerged stories bare no exception.

Regardless of the opinions of the public that either protests for more or less action, could it be that the only way to initiate Government action for global crises such as these is to appeal to the emotions of the general public?

Realisation of the full extent of the horrors that took place last September were mainly brought to light by the emerging picture of the young Syrian boy who was found on the beach. There is no doubt that this appealed to the better nature of the British people and increased the calls for Britain to make itself a sanctuary for those fleeing Syria.

Similarly, this week has seen another rise in the pressure put on David Cameron to offer more help for vulnerable Syrians, in particular Syrian children who arrive in Europe alone. The original quota that the UK would take 20,000 refugees by 2020 has been under review due to the charity ‘Save the Children’ calling for the UK to take 3,000 unaccompanied children from around Europe.

The charity called for this increase in order to aid the rest of Europe who, on a whole, has seen an estimated 26,000 children who have arrived by themselves. Originally the government refused this increase of acceptance of Syrian children who live in camps in Europe, into Britain.

However, public opinion has had a large influence on compassionate decisions as the outcry of the public saw a change in the action that David Cameron was prepared to take. Now the Government is willing to accept those children, in ‘exceptional circumstance’, who already have family members that reside in the UK. By offering Syrian children a place in the UK it will allow them to start a permanent new life where they can embrace all that Britain and Europe has to offer.

The camps in which the children were originally placed were only ever intended to provide a temporary solution, so this change of stance within the government could not have been better timed. Although no figures have been announced regarding the amount of vulnerable under-18s that the Government intend to take, and over what period of time - it has been suggested that the number will not significantly impact the original agreement of 20,000.

In financial terms, the UK government said that they would contribute a further £10m in order to help the vulnerable Syrian minors. With the UK being the second largest donor who supports the refugees and provides funds, the estimated amount already provided of £1.1bn since 2012 can put the UK in good stead for helping the Syrian children who cannot provide for themselves whilst on their search for safety.

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