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Wizard Radio - Therapy Unplugged: My Crush Got Moved In Class


Therapy Unplugged: My Crush Got Moved In Class

Thomas helps a sender who needs comfort when his crush has moved tables...

Therapy Unplugged: My Crush Got Moved In Class


Thomas Mills

W!ZARD News Author

My Crush Got Moved In Class

I am really attracted to a girl in my Textiles class, but I have an issue. I sat next to her for the first half of the term (she’s new to my school and has just joined my Textiles) but I was moved away from her because we kept on talking and now there’s another boy sitting next to her – and he is, admittedly, 100 times better looking than me. We haven’t spoken that much since I moved away from her, we speak a bit over text but it all feels a bit forced and awkward. I just hope he doesn’t take her from me and I still get a chance with her despite him being next to her.

Dear Anonymous Moved,

Do not get down and out by this situation. Look at this as a challenge which has been placed in front of you.

Now I do have to say that you would not have been removed from each others company in class if you would not have been talking, but I digress. You have two options here - fight or flight. If you like this girl as much as you let on in your message, then why give up so easily to this other boy who is sitting next to her? Forget the texting. Forget this other boy who you say is "100 times better looking" (not everything is about looks), this is about you pursuing what it is that you want (as long as she wants it too) and finding the courage to do it.

If you like her, speak to her after class and arrange to meet for a coffee or do something on the weekend. Communicate with her directly. As I have said on air, texting and email is not an effective way to communicate. There is no emotion in it. Visual contact in communicating is just as important as the verbal part. Do not hide behind fear of other "looks" and the use of unemotional tools such as your mobile phone. Communicate with her directly. Look in her eyes, use your emotions, use your words - effectively communicate and let her know you are truly interested. Furthermore, arrange to spend time together. Remember, something can not be taken from us which was never ours in the first place - think about it.

Let me know how you make out...

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