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Wizard Radio - What you want from Charli XCX 4 Boohoo – Accessory Edition


What you want from Charli XCX 4 Boohoo – Accessory Edition

Elena Lockett goes through Charli's accessories

What you want from Charli XCX 4 Boohoo – Accessory Edition

Charli XCX 4 Boohoo

Elena Lockett

W!ZARD News Author

When Charli XCX and Boohoo launched their fashion range this week, the first thought to cross my mind was, there better be fur galore!

And they did not disappoint me. Alongside a strong clothes line, Boohoo also released a very funky and cool accessory range which is full of things you’d imagine Charli to wear alongside Iggy Azelea in the Fancy video.

Now we all know I love faux fur. Someone should probably get me a restraining order. So blame Boohoo for me wittering on about it again, the highlight of the collection for me is these AMAZING detachable fur cuffs in a range of colours. Who doesn’t want the option to add fur to the cuffs of their coats/jumpers/anything? I think these would be perfect for sprucing up any old winter jacket if you can’t afford a new one this season.

Another big accessory that is popping up everywhere after this season’s London Fashion Week, is peaked hats? Now hear me out, a wool pom-pom peaked hat may seem the weirdest thing I’ve ever gushed over but teamed with a very classic look of white shirt and jeans, this could be the new funky feature to brighten up your outfit! You’ll be the talk of your school/college/university/local high street with this baby.

Lace up heels were the big hit this summer and they are not going away without a fight. Charli XCX 4 Boohoo’s range included these very A/W style ones, in either deep purple or classic black and if you want a new pair of party shoes to spice up any outfit, these are the investment you need to make. These shoes will even work with your most battered pair of jeans, truly completed the popstar look.

This collection is such a fresh addition to the online fashion world, and very refreshing to see a collection that isn’t afraid to do its own thing! Get shopping so you don’t miss out!

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