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The US Election

Benji Hyer wraps up the US Presidential Election, so far.

The US Election

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Benji Hyer

W!ZARD News Author

The US Presidential Election is not until November 2016. That’s over a year away, and yet with Obama coming to the end of his second and final term, the race for the White House has already begun.

It fact, it began many months ago, even preceding the summer.

In America, elections start way in advance of the voting day, with debates, primaries, and elections for candidates before we reach the big occasion itself.

The news this week was that Vice-President Joe Biden finally confirmed that he will not run for President, citing that he was too late to enter and he was “out of time”. Alternative reasons for his decision may include his son’s recent death, other competitors entering the fray, his place in polls behind the frontrunners, his relative old age, his absence at the TV debates, and the fear of splitting Hillary Clinton’s support seeing as he shares a similar voting base to her. This leaves Clinton, wife of former President Bill, as the favourite for the Democrats, however she has faced troubles in holding her lead after facing criticism over her decisions regarding Libya as Secretary of State and controversy surrounding private emails. In addition, the serious challenger Bernie Sanders has been growing in popularity; the Vermont Senator brands himself as a socialist, a risky move in a generally politically conservative nation like America, yet his policies on free healthcare and reducing inequality seems to be paying off.

On the other side, for the Republicans, there are still a number of hopeful candidates, such as Cruz, Fiorina and Christie, however the main ones include Jeb Bush (father and son of the previous President Georges) and Marco Rubio, both of whom can reach out to the significant Latino vote. That said, those individuals still currently topping the polls are businessman Donald Trump and neurosurgeon Carson; they both have come under fire lately for provocative and divisive remarks on issues like immigration, religion and guns. The support of Trump shows that America is eager to elect an anti-establishment non-politician, though it’s uncertain whether Trump’s lead will last, especially seeing as he will find it hard to win over the middle ground.

There’s certainly a long way to go, but America must start coming to terms with who they want nominate as their party’s Presidential candidates. Will they opt for yet another Clinton vs Bush battle, or will be witness the polar opposites of the political spectrum fight it out, with Trump against Sanders?

Only time will tell.

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