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Wizard Radio - Interview with Cameron Boyce


Interview with Cameron Boyce

Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce gets on the phone for a bit of a chit-chat...

Interview with Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

In the past, we have called Cameron Boyce nicknames such as CamCam, Cam Boyceeee, CamCam Boyce and many more - on this occasion, we didn't.

Cameron Boyce is a face that you may recognise from, what's that?... JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING. Yes, he was in Jessie (with Debbie Ryan) and, oh yeah, the hit Disney Channel original movie Descendants this past summer as well. But now he stars in a brand new Disney Channel series titled, Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything.

In the series Cameron plays Conor, a 15-year-old professional video game-playing superstar who is forced to enrol in public school for the first time and finds that he must use his video game knowledge to solve real-life challenges.

Wow, we know how he feels.

Conor AKA CamCam isn’t alone in this fight though, he has three gamer friends on his side. Murray Rundus is the arrogant but lovable Wendell, Felix Avitia is the gamer-groupie Franklin, and Sophie Reynolds is the quirky and fun Ashley.

In the series the viewers (AKA us and you) enter an alternate reality universe whenever the characters face a particularly challenging situation. Through the use of graphics and ‘gamer vision’, we can all become world class gamers!

James Gilmore interviewed him on-air about the new series, what it was like being in Descendents and he even quized Cameron on his gaming knowledge.

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James Gilmore interviews Cameron Boyce

James Gilmore interviews Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce about new series 'Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything', original movie Descendants, his gaming knowledge and more.

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