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Wizard Radio - Interview with Nick Pes


Interview with Nick Pes

Following the release of atmospheric single 'California', we catch up with Nick Pes.

Interview with Nick Pes

Nick Pes

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

We first caught onto Nick Pes following the release of his single 'California', which had a massive reaction in his hometown of Sydney.

The track, which is the first to fall from his upcoming EP, was written about his love for the 'land of dreams' and the first time he went to California, although it's slightly more metaphorical than that. Whilst, to the average listener, the track seems to be a tale of pearls and gold, more analytical fans will notice it's hidden message - that of a relationship. When is the right time to say goodbye? Will we ever truly let go of each other? These are some of the questions Nick Pes tries to answer.

The retro-fuelled, indie-electro single is centered about Nick's warm voice. It's atmospheric and showers you in synth.

James Gilmore interviewed Nick Pes about the single, future music (his new single Under the Light is out now), his discovery of California and more.

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James Gilmore interviews Nick Pes

James Gilmore interviews Sydney-based Nick Pes about California, future music, American and more.

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