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Wizard Radio - Interview with IM5


Interview with IM5

Cole, Gabe and Dana are IM5.

Interview with IM5


James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Cole, Gabe and Dana are IM5.

The American boyband were brought together by American Idol's Simon Fuller, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and tour producer Jamie King in 2012. They initially got known for their pop covers on YouTube - covering the likes of Jessie J, NSYNC, Rihanna and many more - but now they're making a splash on the scene with their own, original music.

They came over to the UK this past summer to perform two shows at Thorpe Park before performing their first ever UK headline show at Under The Bridge at Chelsea FC's stadium.

James Gilmore cought up with them beforehand to chat about tour life, what it's like being in London and he even recorded as special episode of 'In The Mix' with them.

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James Gilmore interviews IM5

James Gilmore interviews Cole, Gabe and Dana - AKA IM5 about tour life, being in London and much more.

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