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Wizard Radio - Interview with Aaron Sidwell (American Idiot)


Interview with Aaron Sidwell (American Idiot)

Our article doesn't make a single Green Day lyric-reference. We promise.

Interview with Aaron Sidwell (American Idiot)

American Idiot - The Musical, at London's Arts Theatre now

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

The groundbreaking Tony Award-Winning Musical has come to town!

Traditionally, American Idiot has always received shaky reviews. The musical, based on the music of Green Day, doesn't exactly suit the traditional 'musical' sound which has, in the past, scared theatre-goers away from the production.

However, London has been graced with a production that has received stellar reviews - so, after seeing the production (housed in 'hole-in-the-wall' Arts Theatre in Leicester Square) I met up with lead actor, Aaron Sidwell, to discuss the musical in more detail.

The musical is based in a real post-9/11 America. A very real world to the one millions of American's were dragged into once Bush had put boots on the ground in Iran, American Idiot explores what happens when you're left with no options, no direction and no opportunities.

And it's scarily real.

In the musical, Sidwell plays 'Johnny' - one of three teens who leave their city in search of something greater. Although, as his friends one-by-one leave his side, he gets thrown into a world of drugs, sex and violence.

Hear our interview discussing the musical values of American Idiot plus the state of America for teens.

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James Gilmore interviews Aaron Sidwell

James Gilmore interviews lead actor of American Idiot (the Green Day Musical), Aaron Sidwell, about the musical values of American Idiot plus the state of America for teens.

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