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Charli XCX 4 Boohoo

The pop sensation teams up with Boohoo to create a unique clothing line

Charli XCX 4 Boohoo

Charli XCX's new range at Boohoo

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

We love Charli XCX as much as the next person - which, by most standards, means that we love her a LOT. So, when we discovered that she had partnered with Boohoo to create a unique clothing and accessory line... we kinda flipped out.

The line seems to focus mainly on dresses and skirts and are the essential party wear.

Her bomber jackets and pants are cooler than cats. And Charli knows how to rock a beret. It feels like the collection is the ultimate 90's throwback, and we just love it. But, mainly, we just love the beret's and the sparkles (there are PLENTY of sparkles to go around in this collection).

Over the coming week we're going to posting even more, indetailed reviews of Charli XCX's range and accessories (which include Faux Fur Scarfs, very in right now, and a variety of 'peeptoe platform heels' (we can only imagine what that means).

For the meantime, check out her collection at:

The Charli XCX 4 boohoo collection is cute, it’s sassy and it’s strictly limited edition so get in quick!

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