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Wizard Radio - Partnership with TicketMaster


Partnership with TicketMaster

Because every event starts with a ticket.

Partnership with TicketMaster

W!ZARD Radio Media's multi-year partnership with TicketMaster

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Everybody has their moment. The first time the lights shut off, the crowd roared and the guitar riff sounded. You looked up to the stage and screamed with excitement.

Here you are. Here they are.

It’s your first time seeing that person you love, that musician you adore, that actor you aspire to be like. As you clench your firsts and get ready – the first note is heard. And you’re never the same again.

Live events are what make us who we are; they are events which shape our futures. There’s one brand who has been at the forefront of live events since 1976. They are the ones who put you in that seat and give you that ticket to ride.

W!ZARD Radio Media is proud to announce it’s new, multi-year partnership with TicketMaster – the world’s premier ticket selling and distribution brand.

W!ZARD Radio Media and TicketMaster are launching a five-phase partnership – Phase 1 (Affiliation) and Phase 2 (Integration) will be launching on Friday 23rd October 2015.

As part of the first two phases, both brands will be working together to deliver brand messages, ticketing opportunities and more – with W!ZARD Radio Media being able to offer unique ticketing opportunities through-out it’s programming, online and on social media with TicketMaster.

W!ZARD Radio Media and TicketMaster will also be launching a new, co-branded ticketing destination exclusively for W!ZARD Radio Media, powered by TicketMaster.

Phase 3 is expected for launch later this year, with Phases 4 and 5 launching in 2016.

Because every event starts with a ticket.

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