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We remember when we were little peanuts...

Peanut & Pickle

Peanut & Pickle coming to Disney XD

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Fish Hooks was Disney XD’s original series about outgoing fish Milo, his nervous brother Oscar and their “overly dramatic” friend Bea Goldfishberg (yes, they’re all fish). It followed their lives going to Fresh Water High and their daily lives relating to relatable matters such as field trips, homework and eel attacks.

From the creators of Fish Hooks (Noah Z Jones), Disney XD presents Pickle and Peanut.

I’m starting to sense a trend here.

The series follows small-town teens Pickle (a pickle voiced by Jon Heder) and Peanut (a peanut voiced by Johnny Pemberton) as they embark on their last year of high school, determined to cram in as much fun as possible before becoming adults.

Yes, I remember when I was a little peanut.

We’re super-excited for this fresh delicacy of a TV series – we’ve always wanted to be little pickles. I mean...

If you’re as excited as we are, it’s useful to know that the series premieres on Thursday 5th November at 9am only on Disney XD. New episodes continue at the same time throughout November.

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