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Wizard Radio - Game Shakers will be Game Changing


Game Shakers will be Game Changing

Dan Schneider (the man behind our childhood) has a new show...

Game Shakers will be Game Changing


James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

For far too long, the gaming industry has been obsessed with its male fans. For some reason, ‘gaming’ is stereotypes as being a ‘male only’ industry as much as the colour pink is referred to as a ‘girls colour ‘ – and both of these stereotypes are unarguably incorrect.

So, our good friends at Nickelodeon have set out to change that (the gaming thing).

Nickelodeon presents - Game Shakers, their brand new comedy (hoo hoo haa haa) following new-found friends Babe and Kenzie (yes, FEMALES) who use their coding skills (girls who can code? OH YEAH) to create a gaming empire.

For once, a show championing the other 50% of the world and their massive contribution to the technological sphere.

Alright, so what’s the deal?

Game Shakers sees Babe (played by Cree Cicchino) and Kenzie (Madisyn Shipman) create ‘Sky Whale’ – their middle-school science project which ends up becoming the most successful mobile game in the world.

That’s a lot of users and our advice to Babe and Kenzie would be to NOT do a FlappyBirds and fall under the pressure. Those birds need to keep flapping!

The girls aren’t alone though! They employ the help of their best friend Hudson (played by Thomas Kuc), ‘world famous rapper’ Double-G (Kel Mitchell, yes THE Kel Mitchell from Kenan & Kel) and his son Tripple-G (Benjamin Flores Jr). With this team on board, they decide to make their own mobile gaming company with the ultimate battle of keeping their gaming business a success while still managing to get good grades at school.

Replace the word ‘gaming’ with ‘radio’ and this sounds familiar…

We understand that sometimes our W!ZARD News readers get nervous at the sound of new Nickelodeon shows – after all, with such a top track record, there are high expectations. But, no need to fear, the series has been created by all-time legend Dan Schneider, the man behind:

Kenan & Kel
Sam & Cat
Zoey 101
Drake & Josh

and many more…

So, this is NOT a show to miss.

Catch Game Shakers on Monday 2nd November at 6.00pm (UK time) only on Nickelodeon. It will be followed by a week of premieres.

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