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Wizard Radio - Review: Paulina


Review: Paulina

A morally complex, nuanced film.

Review: Paulina


James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Paulina is an Argentinian film starring Dolores Fonzi, Oscar Martinez and Esteban Lamothe.

The film follows Paulina (Dolores Fonzi), a trainee lawyer who ditches her studies to teach in a remote town in Paraguay, as she fights between her ethics and practicalities and the many challenges that face her – including one specific brutal attack which changes everything.

Santiago Mitre presents a truly compelling and engaging battle in Paulina, exploring the harsh realities of a young woman trying to ‘follow her dreams’. It’s a fight of pragmatism versus dreams and belief.

Whilst it’s only for a select audience (and, the foreign language may cause confusion at times), those that are interested in a morally complex, nuanced film should definitely visit Paulina.

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